Important Questions; Of The Mind.

Okay, This is probably going to turn into a very long, boring, ranting blog, im so sorry if it does, i honestly didnt mean it. An advanced apology as well for any offence taken by this blog, i honestly didnt mean it and if it offends you that much, please stop reading.

What Is Life To You?
I've thought about this alot, I;ve actually been asked this alot. I dont really know to be honest. I always thought life was just something we hd to do to pass the time of living. That's rather a boring explantion, I'll flesh it out. I always felt like life was meant to be something that we had to go through, I never thought growing up that peoplecould just drop out of it and end it (suicide/murder), I just thought death was when it was supposed to end, well sometimes, it isnt supposed to end there. Sometimes people are murdered who should have been alive for much longer. I still dont get that aspect of life. I never thought you could just quit, I mean, It's not like i've never thought about it before, I know someone who has, but the point is, i still dont get it. No one really knows the meaning of life do they? Who really could know? Alot of people say it's to reproduce and die, Now, that's a rather bleak outlook on it isnt it? I think so. No matter how much someone tries to explain to me what life means, I'll never get it, but to me, Life means pain, siffering, happiness and anger, To sum it up quickly. That's all it'll ever mean to me, besides a chance to prove myself to the world.

What Is A Role Model?
I really hate this question. I mean, everybody's definition of a role model is different. Most people on this website would say a member of Green Day (not saying thats a bad thing), I honestly could not say my role model is Billie Joe, Mike or Tre. They just arent role model material to me. I dont know why, but they just arent my role models. I look up to James Owen Sullivan aka; The Reverend Tholomew Plague. If anything, he's the weirdest person to look up to. He got kicked out of basically every school in the Huntington, CA area, even the christain schools. He didnt really go anywhere in life other than with Brian Haner Jr aka; Synyster Gates. They started a band called 'Pinkly Smooth', and then one day, They just joined up with the other members of Avenged Sevenfold, and now they're effin millionaires, forgetting all their teenage antics. I'd love to be able to forget I got kicked out of school. I wish I was like this man in so many ways, I wish I could write lyrics and music like him, I wish I could perform like him, I just wish I was as funny and amazing as he is. He's an ex drug addict, and Im so proud of him being able to give up, it's alot harder for rockstars to do it than normal people, honestly, they're around it all the time. Thats why they say sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. Im also proud of him because he's now happily married, to someone everyone thought he could never get along with. They're complete opposites, yet the same, Leana is an amazing wife for him, and I really hope they stay together forever, he's put alot of effort into their relationship, and im just proud of him as a person. No one could ever understand why i adore this man so much, but I tried to explain it, and if you sort of understood, congratulations :]

What Do You Think About War?
Honest opinion? I think it's good. I mean, sometimes it's over stupid things, like what's happening in Iraq and stuff, but other times, It's not stupid. Sometimes war just has to happen, imagine if the world was all hippy and happy and everybody loved each other, yeah, pretty boring aye? War makes the world go round, sorry to say, we need it.

I love learning, simple as that.

What Do You Think Is Overrated?
Television, come on people, It's so boring that they play re-runs. Maybe it's just New Zealand Television, but it's just so boring. Another overrated thing: Complaining.
My god, get over it people. Life blows, move on.

If You Could Have One Super Power, What Would It Be?
Major League Speed, So I could play drums faster File

What's Your Biggest Fear?
Dying on the way to Finland, Like a plane crash. Honest to go, If I dont make it to Finland in one peice, Im gonna kill someone. My biggest fear is flying, even over being in the water. Flying has just always scared me, Which is depressing cause it's not like I can drive over water.

Do You Pretend Alot?
Depends what you mean by 'pretend'. I pretend to care alot. lol, I mean, I've never really cared to much about anything, I have this emotional disorder I think, The only thing I honestly cry over is my computer graphics, I mean god, I suck at them, but they mean the world to me. I pretend to smile alot, Usually, They're never real smiles, If they are you can totally tell. I pretend to like alot of my friends, when I hate them all, Honestly. They know it, they just choose to pretend that they dont care, So yeah...Lets face it, we all pretend about everything sometimes Smile

What Song Describes Your Life Most So Far?
Hitchin' A Ride - Green Day
Why? Because Im just riding on everybody's backs until im old enough to do everything myself, hell, my mum still does everything I tell her to (sorry mum, I know you're gonna read this xD) I make my mum do everything, Until im 16, Im probably just gonna keep bugging her about doing stuff for me, I just cant help it, no matter how hard I try, I cant make my own food properly, I cant get off my ass and get stuff myself, Im really lazy.

What Makes You Angry?
Stop Signs (with the 'stop,drop and roll' stickers on them), Carrots, Being made to eat Vegetables or Meat, People telling me to shut up when their making all the noise, People saying that they're ugly (Everybody's ugly, on the inside), When people yell at me, When I run out of candles, When there's no more coke left, When people leave the tap half running and i have to go turn it off (The sound honestly mocks me), Clocks, Math, How we cant learn Finnish here unless we pay lots of money, 30 Day Free Trials (Tightwads, More days pls), When people bash bands (Saying you dislike/hate them is ok, but you dont have to go ON about it), People with a million Bebo accounts but only one MSN address (I dont know why that's annoying).

What Do You Wish You Could Change About Your Family?
I wish my grandmother would accept the fact that im growing up and im no longer the blonde-headed Ricky Martin adoring little girl. I wish my grandad would trust me more with the saw. I wish my uncle would stop teasing me. I wish my aunty would stop thinking her children are angels and blame me for everything. I wish my mum would stop sneaking up on me xD

Those are questions I feel are really important, okay, maybe not the super power one, but that's just a fun one. Feel free to answer in your own way if you like, i dont mind, always good to read other peoples opinions. I jsut needed to write something random, get my head cleared of random thoughts, I hope im not breaking any rules D:
anyway, Thanks for reading if you did. (Y)
Posted on April 16th, 2008 at 11:36am


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