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i'm sure most everyone who cares has seen it by now. but i just saw it a couple weeks ago. i didn't like it that much then. but i keep thinkng of the songs and i keep watching them on youtube and the more i do that, the more i love the movie.

i was never a beatles fan. ironically, i was acutally named after a beatles album! abbey road. my name is abbey. haha. so i'm pretty lucky, i was brought into this world with music, everything in my life has been centered around music...i love it.
but anyway, i never liked the beatles except for the white album. it was just all to peppy for me, helter skelter isn't and revolution is just awesome, thats mainly why i listen to the white album. after seeing this movie, though, i began to see the beauty in their music. if you can listen to some beatle's songs then think up this beautiful story line with all these beautiful people and images then thats saying something. i know the songs don't really mean what they mean in the movie, but they gave me a chance to relate to them. plus, everyone in this movie is an excellent actor and singer. i love prudence's voice, sadie's voice, jude's voice, and max's voice. especially prudence though. she really changed "i wanna hold your hand" i would never listen to that song other wise.

idk what it is about this movie, but something in it moved me. have you ever felt that? theres been a few movies that have just amazed me and made me feel so wonderful, like i belong with that movie. another one of those movies is Life as a House. another one Cruel Intentions. I don't know why it happens though. i just love life and love and music. i live for love and music...i live for moments like this where i'm inspired by something so much that i write about it...does anyone feel the same way?

i'm just captivated by the beauty of life and very reflective right now.
Posted on April 20th, 2008 at 10:51pm


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