Love, The Heroin Addict.

So, I woke up this morning, all happy and blah da blah and I found this letter on my pillow. My boyfriend wrote me a letter - soppy fanny head. lol But I love him.
I think this letter proves that no matter what trials you suffer with a loved one, it only makes you stronger ... well, it did in this case, anyway.

To the one I love more than life itself, to the one who puts up with my problems and to my pillar.

Every day is different, just like everyone is unique. I think we’re a unique couple. It’s like a jigsaw, you and me. No one else fits, we’re meant to be. It’s like every time I look into your eyes, I get a tug in my heart and a sudden rush of want and love. I feel like every time we’re together, there’s this force field that draws me deeper and deeper into your soul, so deep that if I avert my gaze, for even just one second, I feel horrible.

I make you feel horrible, and that’s why I’m being a soppy bastard and writing this. I know what I do to you - I’m sorry. Look, here I go again, apologising. How many times have I said sorry to you? I’ve lost count, because I’m like a broken record. I guess I’m sorry for that too. What am I going to do? Everyday is a struggle. I try so hard, but it’s typical of me to just give up. I hate giving up because it’s like giving up on our love, even though I’ll never stop loving you. When are you going to give up on me? That’s what I wonder. When? It isn’t as if I deserve you. And I know you deserve better. Why haven’t you given up?

I’m sorry.

That’s all I can say. I don’t know how else to show you I’m sorry. I cuddle you every night in bed, run my fingers through your hair and hold you close, telling you how much I love you. Is that enough? I don’t know. Help me. Show me what’s enough.

I don’t even know how to structure a letter. It looks like an essay - I don’t know, love. I love you so much. I can be myself with you and your idea of romance isn’t dim lights, candles and soppy Neill Diamond music. God! This so confusing. How do I tell you I love you without saying I love you. Gah, what do I do? Are cuddles enough? Do you like it when I kiss you on the cheek before I go to work and how I catch you in my arms and swing you when I get back from work? I LOVE YOU !!

One Hundred Hearts wouldn’t be enough to hold my love for you. You told me one day that, “a soul mate is never perfect, but to me, your perfect.”

I just love you, ok? I just do and …. I love you.

A million Loves, eternity's heart, all the kisses I can muster,
..........................The Heroin Addict/Boyfriend/Soul Mate/Friend.
Posted on May 7th, 2008 at 10:26am


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