Mario Kart Wii

The Good -
Up to four players on one system, or 12 Online with tournaments, rankings and battles! Fun for the whole family. Wide variety of Karts, as well as the new motorbikes. Gameplay is still back to its classic roots, minus the double-team play from "DoubleDash", of the original with a few new techniques such as aerial stunts to gain boosts. The Wii-Wheel included with/without the game actually makes it that much more fun to play adding realism to the mix just make sure your not the only one with it otherwise you just may end up fighting for it. Both tracks and characters new and old make an appearance as playable choices.

The Bad -
Characters specific special items(Mario's fireballs, Donkey Kong's giant banana) have been taken out. Sometimes feels short and not much of an adrenaline feel when it comes to racing games, especially in single player mode. Buying the game gets you a free Wii-Wheel while buying another Wii-Wheel cost around 14 bucks. Not much of a selections of Karts and Bikes for they are all have similar looks rather than a character specific style as in previous games. Though its a minor thing, graphics don't really seem that improved.

The Ugly -
All in all, the game is still fun especially with friends around and online.

An 8.5 out of a 10
Posted on May 14th, 2008 at 03:06pm


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