The things that make you happy...

Dear GSB, this is Isabel. I was sitting at my computer on this chilly Sunday night writting a letter to my friend. After glancing upon my computer desktop picture for sometime, i realised how long it had been there for, it needed a change. I went through the documents and folders in my computer, trying to find the perfect picture to use as my wallpaper, until, something popped up.

Something that has always persisted to make me smile when im unhappy. Something that made me laugh when im down. Something that made me turn that frown upside down. How these pictures did that.. i will never know, but i just knew that it was important to let all my friends on GSB know.

Tre Cool in Drag.

Yes, you heard me! That drummer in a particular band which we all love! At times of hardship, i find comfort in his feministic (i just made that word up) outbursts that i find over the internet.

With a topic dedicated to all Tre Cool in Drag related jabber right here on GSB, i decided that that in itself was not enough for GSB, oh no, they also needed a blog, just to make sure that everyone here knows about this.


Heck! I can still remember the time i realised that it was Tre Cool all along playing the woman in the Holiday video clip!

I had recorded Holiday on the VCR and i decided to watch it one day. As i was watching it, my mum had called me out for lunch, and i had paused it on none other than Tre Cool, although, at the time i did not know this, i just thought it was some blonde lady!But as i got up off the couch, i glanced at the television screen again, something caught my eye, something i hadnt realised, something not quite right.

And there it was. It was Tre Cool. I moved closer and closer towards the television screen only to find that the attractive blonde 'lady' in the holiday video clip was none other than Tre Cool! I fell onto the floor in fits of laughter! I couldnt find anything more hilarious than this!

And what is the point of this blog? I really dont think there is one, i just wanted everyone to know that if you are sad, or need a good laugh, googling 'Tre Cool in Drag' is one option to brighten up your day!

And here, i leave you with a few more picture of Tre!





Posted on June 15th, 2008 at 10:19am


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