What will you do after GSB?

Have you ever thought about the day you leave GSB and don't come back?

Like, something comes up and you leave for a few days and finally realise you don't need the internet or the site anymore. It's a bit weird thinking about IT.

I've always come here to vent frustration, have a rant and/or have a good laugh with everyone. It'll be weird just turning around one day and logging onto the internet, but completley ignoring GSB. o.o

All those people you met and showed pictures too, laughed with and cried over, emailed and talked on the phone with. They'll all be gone and be just a distant memory. It'll be weird. I don't even know what I'm trying to say - O.O- freaky, like.

No more useless blah blahs with funny pictures and and weird sayings. No more argueing via blogs. No more crazy messageboard game where I never seem to be able to find the cartoon chick.

I can think of so many sites I was once addicted to and then I left them, leaving behind a load of close friends and memories.

And especially on GSB, when people were getting banned a lot, I lost sooo many friends that were so close... crazy like. I thought keeping in contact through email and msn would work, but apparently it didn't. People just get bored of the .net I guess and move on, finally finding something better to do.

It's weird how you can become so addicted to people you don't know. And then one day, they just vanish - gone, forever.

: sigh : Man, I don't know. The internet is weird.
Posted on July 8th, 2008 at 12:05pm


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