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Last week I got my results for my first semester of Uni. They said I had failed one subject - Programming. I found this odd though, because I was sure I had at least passed the test. I mean, they didn't even give me a mark. So I made some inquiries and it turns out that my subject coordinator didn't have any record of me attending the final exam. You needed to get at least 40% in the exam to pass the subject. So I made him go and search for my exam paper.

Just after I finished writing that ^ I got an email from my subject coordinator saying that he found my paper, and that I passed the subject, and did extremely well in fact. I got a 76 which is a Distinction. That means it's my best subject! Yay! I can't complain about that anymore, all I have left to write about is good things.

On Saturday the 19th I went to see The Living End at a signing in the city. My sister and I got up early, caught the train and arrived at the music store by 9.30am. The Living End were arriving at 1pm. So we had to wait a long while in the line to get our CD signed. It was quite worth it though. We were second in line. So that was good. I made a sign for a new Mibba thing that's still in the making, and I got them to sign it.

Scott and Andy
Scott and Andy again
Scott and Andy...again..
Scott and Andy again.
All three!
All three again
Me. XD
My sister and me
Sign I got signed for the Meebs thing.

So overall it was a good day. I got to shake Chris's hand and Scott said he likes my jumper. XD

Nextly, it's my 19th birthday this Thursday. It's my first birthday that I haven't had to go to school on since I can remember, which leaves me at a bit of a loss as for what to do on it. And, as a lot of my friends have to go back to TAFE this week I can't go out with them. So I'm just going to go up to Gloria Jeans with a couple of them, get an iced chocolate or something, have some lunch, then come back home and introduce them to the wonders of the Nintendo Wii.

Then on Saturday one of my groups of friends said they're taking me out for lunch in the city which should be fun. On Sunday, I'm going with my mother and sister to see Cirque Du Soleil. How exciting! It's my birthday present..

Next Monday Uni starts again, but I don't have any classes on Monday, so I start on Tuesday. Then I only have to go three days a week. On Friday's I finish at 8pm though, which I am not happy about. Training it home at 8pm is scary. I mean, last semester the latest I finished was 6pm, and even traveling at that time was a bit scary. Oh, the reason I finish late is because I start late. So I get to sleep in. It's not like I start at 9am like high school.

And on the 6th I'm going to see The Fratellis with my sister. It's my first concert, and I hear that The Fratellis are amazing live. So it should be good stuff. Looking forward to it.

I found another four leaf clover today. That's the fourth one this week. And the seventh one this month. It's odd, I don't even look for them. I just spot them when I look at the grass.

I also got a desk mat today. It's plastic, non-slip and smells like new. It's from Ikea and is called a PRĂ–JS. Apparently it's meant to protect my desk. But I've never heard of one before.
Posted on July 21st, 2008 at 01:52am


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