Pinhead Gunpowder

As side projects go, Pinhead Gunpowder graceful stamp on Music has been a worthwhile venture for its members. When busy with raging success in more emphatic platforms.BILLEJoe Armstrongs heights with Green Day are what he is acclaimed for. Of course Green Day are far more commercilised, far more prominent for a singer who brances out as well as not restricting himself to only one musical outfit. Pinhead Gunpowder flair lies upon rawness, nutured by a more natural, underground sound. Songs bolted together with agnst and flamboyance, they really are a side project to be rekoned with.

Formed in the 1990 by Billie Joe Armstrong and Aaron Cometbus. Named after a potent green tea, pinhead gunpowder would become a star merit for the uprise of the famed Gilman Street. A permanent fixture in the sweaty underground hysteria of Berkleys punk revolution. The personnel of Pinhead Gunpowder were treating the project as a fresh lookout. Of course Pinhead Gunpowder success was nothing more than moderate, it was a stint of using instruments at their fun infused best. The members Let their guard down, as well not wanting to grow stale.

Green Day were still bearing the rawness and incompetence of teenage culture. Billie Joe Armstrong was still potraying the niggling feelings of sexual neglection on the bands debut release. Green Day were growing into mastermen, becoming the prized assets of Berkeleys musical elavation. Pinhead Gounpowder would only become a part time project. You cant blame the singers neglective views, he didn't want to lose grip on the realisation that Green Day really were going to be on a superior level, he left Pinhead in the lurch with all the right reasons.

Green Day did hit colssal scales. 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours became a small success for the band, straying them away from the stronghold of Gilman Street. Gilman was undeground respectivly, and Green Day wanted to move away from the venue that developed them. Pinhead Gunpowder do boast some engrossing musical talent. The band consisted of Billie Joe, Mike Kirch, Jason White, Bill Schneider, all musicians involved in major bands. Pinhead Gunpowder was a small toast to the notalgic phenomenon of pop/punk.

Pinhead Gunpowders first major relese harboured all the ingredients of pop/punk. 1999 would be the first step to prominence with 'Shoot The Moon' a album reeking of the old feeling of angst. A fast paced analysis of Berkeley's humdrum underbelly. Not a masterpiece of any note, but a decent first outing for a band only functioning on borrowed time. Billie Joe added his own reflection of America's love affair with destruction. 'Life During Wartime' would be his acoustic gem, a real strike at America's already bruised status.

By Mark McConville
Posted on August 4th, 2008 at 10:21am


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