story of a saporta.

Everyone has someone they look up, even if they don't realize it; they do. That one man that i look up to is a man known as; Gabe Saporta. You my know him as the lead of the band cobra starship, but i see him as so much more. An idol you could even say. There are so many reasons why i would love to be like this man. He's confident, funny, spontaneous and an all around nice guy; i mean who wouldn't want to be that person?

Ever since i started listening to his band cobra starship i've become wayy more confident and always wanting a good time. I've also been way happier. The music him and his band make, makes me want to get up and dance and make a fool of myself. I've learned from them, if you're happy it's easy to spread that happiness with others. So maybe i can't relate to getting bit by a snake in the middle of a desert, but i get so much more out of his music than just that. I take the songs and give them my own meaning. They could be way off, but it still works. I honestly would give anything just to spend a day with Mr.Saporta. But i've always had this thought in the back of my mind; what if you did have that chance and he ends up being a cocky sob? Then i wouldn't have anyone to look up to. Though, i do highly doubt he's like that, maybe just a little conceited but then again, he's gabe saporta and he can do that ;D

and yeah, maybe you aren't a fan of him, but you can relate to the feelings i have for him.

Posted on September 5th, 2008 at 04:13pm


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