Tribute to Green Day

Thank You Green Day;
Thank You Green Day for welcoming me to Paradise
Thank You for my Patron Saint, St Jimmy
Thank You for making me the Minority
Thank You for giving me the Time Of My Life
Thank You for your Rage and Love

A Tale From Another Broken Home;
Jesus Of Suburbia Is My Jesus
I Dont wanna an American Idiot
I Want To Be The Minority
I Worship St Jimmy
I Have Had The Time Of My Life
I Want To Wake Up When September Ends
The Only God I Worship Is Billie Joe
I Live My Life On Holiday & Walk The Lonley Road
Rage And Love Is The Story Of My Life
I'm Gonna Sing Along To The Age Of Paranoia &
I'm Gonna Do The Propaganda
I Dont Want To with The Moral Majority
I'm A King For A Day
The Patron Saint Is St Jimmy Not St Andrew Or Anyother That My School Says Fuck The School.
My Town Is Burning Down In My Dreams
My Second Thoughts Are In Isolation
I'll Be Fine When I Come Around
Green Day Have Time To Listen To Me Whine
Im Not Growing Up I'm Burning Out
I'm A Walking Contradiction
I'm A Worry Rock
I'm A Sweet Child
I'm Coming Clean

Thanks Green Day [:♥

Posted on November 27th, 2008 at 05:33am


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