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Lauren, Laurenz, Kinky, Japii, Jurassic Japii, Japanini, whatever the fuck you wanna call me. I need to start using this more<3. I'm fifteen going on five(: Im scottish through and through I hate it. My friends, Green Day and writing are life<3. I cuss so much it's unreal. I still watch Disney Channel<3.I love BBQ's, I wanna be a body piercer or a guitarist. I have amazing friends I met on the tinternet. Im the minority. I act like a child most of the time. I hate school. im anti social. Im obsessed with Blood, vampires & fangs. I love horror in general. I cannot go a day without my laptop Billie, I named him after Billie Joe Armstrong. Im stubborn and immature my grammar and spelling could be a lot better. I hate a lot of people. I think tattoo's and piercings are sex. & I'm a total Harry Potter geek for life<3(: I love Ben and Jerries when im sad. I hate spiders. Pokemon is amazing. I love being alone and writing how I feel down on paper. I relate everything to sex(: Im also always hyper. Im amused by the slighest of things. I laugh at everything and nothing. Im random and sponanious. Im easily statisfied. Guitars are the sex. I want alot of piercings and tattoo's. Im a strange child(: I love fire, im a pyromaniac. (: I wanna scream from a rooftop. (: looks like funfunfunfunfun! I hate scene & emo. I love punk<3. I hate myself & life. I would die for Green Day & my friends. I love photography & photo editing<3.

Green Day.
19th October 2009: Glasgow SECC<3
the day I saw my hero's right in front of my eyes. The day I found my place in the world. The day that I have only ever truley been happy. The day my whole being felt complete. <3

Billie Joe Armstrong; looked into my eyes and smiled when I was having a panic attack. & he pointed, laughed at me and said 'Haha I got your fucking camera wet.'

Micheal Ryan Pritchard; made a heart with his hands and pointed to me then his heart.

Frank Edwin Wright the 3rd; waved at me, when he came off stage.

Green Day;; no, I wont be afraid, aslong as you stand, stand by me<3 I love you with every fibre of my being and more. You made me who I am today. Everything about you makes me smile. I love how there is a Green Day song for everything im feeling at one time, it never ceases to amaze me then again, neither do Green Day. They are my heart, my soul, my everything. I would be truely nothing without them.



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