My best friend

My best friend Victoria, is leaving soon. Too go stay with her dad and in to a new school. But she hates him and she has no confidence at all and says shes going too kill herself. And in scared for her. I love her ive known her since i was born (13 years). And i love her like she was my sister. She wont be able to cope with it and she'll be all alone and i wont see her for ages and i cant cope with that i'll miss her alot but remember this;

I'll never forget you or the banters or the sleepovers or the good times and the bad or you and how you could make me laugh when i was so low and how many times you've saved my life too many times to count and how you brightend up my day and how you stood up for me and how we would(and still do) argue over stupid silly things and your trust and your friendship
and the memories i will never forget and cherish always you are my world and when you leave theres going to a part of me missing never ever forget that i love you xo<3
Posted on December 15th, 2008 at 05:44pm


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