Ignorant Morons

So, I was talking to my INSANELY AWESOME friend via profile comments.

Y'know what she said?

I don't think i'm funny D: Well idk. It's my 'friends' in real life who say i'm dumb and all that and not funny at all just stupid.

'Eh I hate people. I just got in trouble of my friends mum for siging Katy Perry - I kissed a girl 'cause apparently it's disguisting. I'm annoyed D: And yes, I was singing Katy Perry D: I admit it i love her D:

Now, I'm gonna get this piece by piece.

First of all, your friends could suck each other for all I care. Nobody who's a real friend would tell you that you're dumb and not funny and just plain stupid. You're effing awesome and it's really hard to censor myself now, but I'm doing it because that's what friends do. They do stuff for their friends that's hard, nomatter how hard it is, and they stick up for them. So tell your friends to screw off and I'm sure they'll gladly oblige.

Second, who cares if you're singing that song? I happen to think it's an excellent song and though I don't necessarily agree with some of Katy Perry's choices doesn't mean that she doesn't make some decent songs and CERTAINLY doesn't mean she isn't hot. I mean, have you SEEN her in the video for Hot 'n Cold? Who wouldn't be attracted to that (to say the least for censorship purposes)?

And there's nothing wrong with liking Katy Perry, it's not disgusting and I've been caught singing it too. It only resulted in a confrontation with my parents about my sexuality. Thank God they didn't ask me whether or not Katy Perry or Sarah Silverman are celebrity crushes of mine, or I'd be up a river, to say the least.

But your friends and their moms can go suck off their cousins for all I - and you for that matter - should care.

You're F***ing amazing, and don't let those "huggers" tell you otherwise.

I don't let them tell me that anymore. Nobody should.

This is for anyone out there who gets fucked with. My advice: Don't let 'em.

Take it from someone who knows.
Posted on January 6th, 2009 at 08:50pm


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