Cliques. (Dare I Go There?)

Growing up and going through school, I've always been exposed to certain cliches and cliques. I, personally, could name off specific people in specific categories, just like any other teenager in the world.

Most people frown upon this. < That displeases me, you know. Those people have a tendency to either be "that girl that wants everyone to treat each other equally and human!", OR, it's " the mom that tries to be understanding, but is extremely unsuccessful because she doesn't understand the cliques and therefore doesn't want to." I will tell you why this is unhappy news for me.[b] Since the beginning of time, there has been cliques. There were cliques in the Bible, there were cliques in the roaring 20s, there were cliques when your grandma was in school, your mom and dad were in cliques, and, I bet you're in a clique, even if you're against it. [b]

clique (klik; n.) a small, exclusive group of people; coterie; set.

WE ARE HUMAN. We associate ourselves with people that we click and interact with. Everyone does it, and thats how it's going to work until humanity gives up on itself.
And even then, we will still be associating brandnames with wealthy people, popularity with sports, cutting with the emotionally unstable, video games with hyper active and/or academically successful, the "short bus" with the mentally challenged, and sexually provocative nature with the unabstinent.

Why do you think cliques have such a stereotypical reputation? Were you in a clique, or are currently in a clique?
Posted on January 31st, 2009 at 11:25pm


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