Liberals, Abortion, Fact, And Opinion.

A friend of mine once wrote the following:
"Liberals don’t mind ripping out an unborn child out of a womb, yet they strongly oppose the death sentence, which is only given to those who have killed, and would easily kill again."

And, frankly, I agree with her. In my honest opinion, abortion is murder. The unborn children are literally defenseless, and have absolutely no choice in the matter. Yet they die every day, because there are politicians that legalize the murder of babies in the womb, and doctors that will actually do the deed.

Yes, I admit that this is a controversial subject. I know a lot of you will not agree with me, or at least not fully; but I'm not asking you too. I am only stating my opinion in hopes that you will read and understand a bit of where I am coming from. Acceptance is not where i am going with this, just facts and opinion.

You may think I am a conservative, but I dont fit myself into any political party. I am who I am, and I think what I will. Whatever is best for the country and the people. Frankly, I think that there should be a death sentence, and that abortion should be illegal. I mean, think about it. If you think you need an abortion, you should have thought about contraceptives before you got knocked up. There is always something you can do: safe sex or adoption. There are many people, like myself that do not want to have children by birth, or that can't have them.
and I know you are thinking "what about women and teens that are raped and get pregnant?"
and as I said, thats what adoption is for.
I talked to someone once that tried telling me that if you are the baby of a rapist and a victim, that you are as bad as they are, that you cant beat DNA. But I'm proof that you can, my father was an abusive bastard; I'm not. All you have to do is want to change and do something to keep yourself from being that way. And you won't turn out like your mother or father. We are all different people, and we all have minds of our own. DNA is not everything. Although it is a lot, it gives you looks, and brains, but not behavior. You assume whatever environment you were raised in.

thank you for reading
please let me know what you think
Posted on February 2nd, 2009 at 07:24pm


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