Been waiting for this way too long

Usually, I know what to say. Usually, I would explain perfectly and put nice descriptions to my feelings. My incompetence just made me realize that this is not a usual situation; I've suddenly been filled with such motivation. Enthusiasm that I haven't tasted for so long. Hope for my future.

Okay, of course I didn't expect to fall apart within the coming couple of months. But suddenly this new light has embellished my life. Expectation. Longing.

Yes, I am talking about the new Green Day album. I've been yearning for four years now, and the confirmation that it is actually happening brings me that feeling that I can't put words to. I'm just so happy.
"World tour coming soon!" may be one of the most beautiful sentences I've read the past years! Imagine. Oh, no, I'm not sure I can. It'd be the most fantastic thing to ever happen to me. It'd me such a huge thing for me.
"Come on, it's just a concert, they're just people", I'm sure someone would say. But it's not just a concert to me. I still can't find the right word. Event? Milestone? It'd be a commitment to my love for this band; who are not just ordinary people to me. I owe them most of what I value in my life today. They are my heroes.

Looking out on a 2009 that suddenly seems so bright, I can see a lot more highlights.

The Blink 182 reunion. I was shocked. I have listened to Blink 182 for three years or so, but never got into them much more than liking their music. But the new album will be very interesting!

Pete Doherty's solo album. How to describe this? Brilliance.

New album from Neverstore as well, can I hold on? These guys saved last summer for me.

2009 is going to contain exciting moments in my little life as well. I'm spending three days of June at the Peace & Love festival in Borlänge. Hopefully going to Rock Am Ring in Germany as well; mainly for The Kooks. A trip to London in the summer and New York over Christmas.

I'm turning 15. I can't believe it's less than two weeks left. I feel old, yet I know I'm far from that. 15 feels like a lot more responsibility. I'm old enough for legal penalties. I'm old enough to have sex. I'm suddenly old enough for many things that were strictly forbidden for what seemed like just days ago.

I'm moving on to upper secondary school, concentrated on music, dance and drama.

2009 just makes me eager. I'm ready!
Posted on February 9th, 2009 at 05:22pm


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