"Oh now what use am I to anyone
----Fucked, forlorn, frozen beneath the summer
----Don't sing along or you'll get what I got

There’s a poet out there, whose name is famous but only some know better. Not everyone looks past the headlines. He's an odd character for narrow-minded eyes.

He may be a heroinist, but it's been long since I only saw him as that. He’s an artist; one of the most talented I’ve ever seen.

I'm talking about Peter Doherty.

He is such a brave guy. Living with paparazzis just around the corner, drug addiction and an entire world judging his each and every step; he carries on. He gets on stage. He writes new songs. But this is not, unfortunately, what he's mostly famous for.

"It's Babyshambles", I explained my new album to mom.
"Who are they?" she asked.
I only had time to mention Pete Doherty before she exclaimed;
"Oh, that idiot."

"He's gross", people say. "He's such an attention seeker."
Because no one ever read something good about him in the multiple million issues.

I won’t deny the fact that he's taking drugs, because it is obvious. But I will deny people the right to throw shit at him just because he’s a famous drug addict.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but people don't take heroin to be cool. It is sad, heartbroken and lost people who search for a way to fill the void inside who take drugs, and once you've tried, you're stuck. Even more lost. Do we who observe have the right to mislead broken souls even more?

He has added so many minutes and hours of delight to my life. He has inspired me in my art. I don't care what people say.
I admire Pete Doherty. I will always do.

Posted on March 2nd, 2009 at 03:51pm


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