Hello GSB Awards, Goodbye GSB Awards?

I have to admit it’s been quite a while since I last voted for the GSB Awards. The reason is simple: there is no time for GSB in this stage of my life. This may sound negative but it isn’t at all. I’m glad if I get the chance to check what’s new on GSB, like I did today. It kind of saddens me though.

I realize GSB is changing to some point. Maybe a new era of GSB is born, I don’t know. I remember the time when the new GSB came up. I remember how there were discussions whether it is good or bad. But as soon as this discussion finally had an end, people learnt to appreciate the new GSB and realized that there are so many new excitements on GSB to explore. We fell in love with Whatsername, everyone was searching for her. The new profiles, the new sections. And the GSB Awards were a big deal. Even if there were many people saying it’s stupid, most people secretly wished that they would get an award, too. And it was a kind of incentive to write great blogs, to create amazing layouts or beautiful profiles.

Many awesome blogs were written, not just about everyone’s personal life but also about political subjects, discussions were held about subjects that really matter. Writers were writing about things that people aren’t aware of, made them think about critical things, made them think about themselves, and made them think about the world.

Now when I get the chance to get on GSB it all seems to have changed. GSB seems boring to some extend, GSB seems to have lost its power. People don’t vote for the GSB Awards anymore, or why are there no winners in so many categories? If you ask me, the GSB Awards created a healthy competition and gave GSB a higher quality with its beautiful profiles, cool layouts and well-written blogs. But what is there now? No winners because no one votes? Because no one cares? Others beg for votes, they post “VOTE ME” in their signature or wherever. But that’s not what the GSB Awards are there for. It has nothing to do with real skills, it’s just sad.

At the same time it is good that GSB is changing, well it is normal. It changes with people coming, people going, it changes with different interests and different priorities. Maybe GSB needs some kind of new excitement, some kind of new feature, some kind of new energy to retain especially old GSBians like me.


...Wow I didn't realize that this is my first blog in 3 months O:
Posted on March 6th, 2009 at 11:20am


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