Jade Goody

We’ve all seen the news coverage of Jade Goody’s short battle with cervical cancer. We’ve seen how she’s struggled to give what she has to her kids in the short period of time she has left and has been flaunting her disease publicly to get money to fund her kid’s future. Fair enough she wants to give her kids a great future. But flaunting herself to the word seeing her slowly deteriorate into nothing is sickening. Especially to anyone who has lost someone to any form of cancer. To be honest I’m sickened that she’s living out her last few weeks in the spotlight. Everyone treating her as if she was a celebrity.

She isn’t a celebrity. She just made a fool of herself on national T.V and happened to have two kids to a T.V presenter. That doesn’t make her a celebrity. After her stay in the big brother house we never heard of anyone from that series until a few years later on the celebrity big brother. A come back for dying celebrities who wanted to be noticed again for their supposed achievements. She didn’t have one thing apart from the Shilpa Shettie race row where she was supposedly bullying the young Indian girl. Jade Goody’s tragic news struck on T.V during some sort of interview where she was told she had cervical cancer. Months later it had spread and now she’s losing her sight and is scared to fall asleep in case she never sees her kids again. She knows she’s dying and so does her latest husband Jack Tweed who is most likely trying to be there for the kids while Jade suffers, still with a smile on her face.

But I’m disgusted with the fact that she’s being portrayed as some sort of martyr for cancer patients. That she’s had life so bad and terrible that her ordeal is plastered in every newspaper. Personally I think that’s wrong to other patients who are going through the same thing or perhaps worse yet still their stories are silences in filing cabinets and on death certification documents. She is no hero. What also disgusted me is that her kids are being cared for by charities while she has a well deserved rest. I’m sorry but maybe if she didn’t give interviews for so long, maybe just maybe things would have been slightly different. When my mother died of cancer nobody thought once of looking after my now toddling sister, but because Jade has been on TV once or twice she gets everything handed to her on a golden platter and I think that’s wrong because there are plenty of others who have kids and is dying of some sort of cancer and isn’t given the same treatment. Jade’s newly married husband Jack Tweed was given compassionate leave from his prison sentence to have a stag night, take care of Jade and the kids and also broke his curfew but got nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Doesn’t it make you sick that if that was any other person they would only get to be beside their loved ones on their deathbed

I’m disgusted with the whole thing actually and I hate to say it but maybe it’s true. We know Jade Goody hasn’t had the best life in the world and nobody really has but a lot of people have said she was once a bad person. Well maybe bad things happen to bad people. Karma.
Posted on March 11th, 2009 at 01:03pm


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