I have a couple of questions for you, geekstinkbreath.net...

Well, more than a couple.

Why should I make my bed, when I'm gonna mess it up sleeping in it?
Why do I have to eat if I'm going to just get hungry again? (I'm not anorexic guys!)
Why say no to living on the edge if you're only going to live once?
Why not go to a rock concert, even though you probably won't see anything properly?
Why not throw yourself in front of a car, if you want to?
Why conform to society? Society is usually wrong?
Why do gossip magazines complain that celebrities act the way they do, when it's the very same magazine that has been spreading the gossip?
Why do we treat others like dirt, when we hate it ourselves?
What is the point of racism?
Why is abortion not considered murder>
Why is it worse for a man to rape a woman than it is for a woman to rape a man? The other person has been violated anyway.
What is the point of being prejudiced? It's stupid.
Why are vampires considered ugly monsters, who want to steal your soul? Why can't they be heroes?
Why are people scared of the dark?

Just some questions, hope you can answer em. And don't tell me I'm being stupid, coz most of us have asked at least one of these in our life time.
Posted on April 3rd, 2009 at 05:33am


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