Questions for God

Yeah, God. It's me. I have some questions and I'm gonna ask them the only way I know how: Through writing.

Why do You hate me? What have I ever done to You? What did I do to deserve this? Why do You make bad people? How come the bad people always have it better than me? Why do people tell me to have hope and faith when all you do is make me suffer? Why do you make me suffer? Why should I believe in someone who obviously thinks I'm a waste of space? Is that it? Do You think I'm a waste of space? Then why did You make me in the first place? Why are my parents always bitching at me when I didn't do anything? Why am I the black sheep of the family? Of the world? Why does everyone say that all people are equal in Your eyes? Are they? Then why am I always treated like shit? How come there are so many people out there living shitty lives that deserve so much better? Why isn't life fair? Are You testing me? Is this, my whole life, some sort of sick joke? Do You get some sort of sick enjoyment out of bringing others pain? Or is it just me? Why does everyone look down on me, even the ones who don't deserve it? How could You let things like the Holocaust and slavery happen? If You love everyone, whouldn't You want to protect them? Why do people like me always get the short end of the stick? Why is everyone so contradictory? How come everyone can fit their religion to make it seem completely plausible? What religion is the right one? Is there a right one? Why do people believe in You, even though there's no proof of Your existence, but shun similar ideas, like the Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, or Aliens? Why are the good guys always the bad guys? How can everyone believe in You so completely but still always get the short end of the stick? What's the point? Why, when people write about You, do they have to capitalize words such as "You, He, God, or Lord"? Where is that missing link that everyone's looking for? Are You hiding it so they'll still believe in You? Would You really do something like that? How come people think that the only place they can worship You is in a Church or Synagogue? Why is everyone always flipping out on me? Why do good people die young? Does that mean that all old people are bad people? Who made up that stupid saying anyways? Why am I blamed for everything? Are people really so desperate for a scapegoat that they pick on a thirteen year old girl? Why does no one believe me when I say You hate me? If all dogs go to Heaven, where do cats go? Is Hell all fire and brimstone, or is it more personal? Where am I going to go? Why do I always have to cry myself to sleep? Why do people think I'm insane? Am I? Why is it that no one is ever willing to take the blame, even when it's their fault? Why does circumstance always shift over to make my life hell? How could you have stuck me with that bastard Dave for ten years? How come everyone believes Jesus was the Messiah but everyone else that comes along with that claim is sent to a mental institution? Why do people believe every word of the Bible when (a) there are so many different versions of it, (b) it was written by MAN, an imperfect species and therefore bound to have a shitload of mistakes, and (c) the person or people who wrote it weren't there for every event and probably didn't know You besides? Why is it that no one believes in Prophets anymore? I mean, they believe there were prophets, but if one person comes along with the claim then once again, MENTAL INSTITUTION. How many sins are there? If homosexuality and bisexuality and the like are so wrong, why do you make people that way? If Jesus was born in Bethlahem, wouldn't that make Him Middle Eastern? If so, why do people always depict him as a white guy in a dress? If the Anti-Christ is the exact polar oppisite of Jesus and Jesus was a man, would the Anti-Christ then be a girl? How come people wear dark colors for funerals? Why do people mourn death instead of celebrating the fact that the deceased moved on to (hopefully) a better place? Why is suicide depicted as a surefire way into Hell? Can you really go somewhere you don't believe in? Then where do Atheists go? Do they just become trees? Then what happens to their souls? Do the Atheist souls become trees as well? So that means that trees have spirits like the Native Americans believed? Why do we only laugh at jokes that are made at another's expense? Why is everyone such a hypocrite? Why is swearing so bad when half the words are in the Bible and some of them are just made-up words? Why do bullies exist? What's the religious purpose of latkes? How come the Jewish faith has cool hats and the Christians don't? How come whenever I pray it always goes backwards?

I always felt like I could trust You, like You loved me and if I prayed hard enough everything would be okay. Why has that been disproven? God, if You could just answer some of my questions... Please? I have nowhere else to turn. No person could ever answer my questions, at least not with a completely valid answer. So can You help me? Please?
Posted on April 7th, 2009 at 01:09am


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