Behind the name...a worthless box of wonders.

My English teacher gaves us an assignment to find the meaning of our names. She's about seven months pregnant, so I'm guessing she thought of this while laying on her bed discussing names with her husband. In the assignment, besides finding the meaning, we have to name a few people in history with our names and famous people (alive) with our names or to find interesting facts about it and we have to prepare a five-minute oral report.
Can you say hormonal?
Karelys. Have you ever heard that before? I've heard of Karen, but Karelys? I've searched everywhere and there's nothing about it. The most I can find is Karel, the Dutch/Czech/Slovene form of Charles. And it's a guy's name. I swear to God, I'm gonna flunk if I don't find something.
I asked my mother Why did you name me that? Why that name?. I wanted a better explanation, but all I got was the lousy I just liked it, and I felt like naming you that. There's no story, no meaning, no special reason. She just "liked it". She only found out about it because an old student of hers had that name. I'm named after a girl that had no meaningful impact in my life, a girl that is maybe dead, maybe married with kids, maybe lonely, maybe fucking a random guy in her backseat, a girl I never knew and never will meet.

Posted on March 6th, 2007 at 07:06pm


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