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Taste the RAINBOW!

Well, I love Green Day as usual. I like to write different things and I love listening to my music. sometimes I fall in love with fictional characters because I read too much. I'm trying to pass my classes in a prep school that I have no idea how I got in. I'm going to be turning sixteen soon! I can't wait! *fist the air* and I'm trying to fit all of my stuff together in school.

People think I'm wierd because I'm a bisexual. I think I even have a girlfriend now, but we haven't done anything "official"
(not that way ppl, not that way). I think I might even have a boyfriend, but that case is even colder than the one mentioned before.

Well I just found out that me calling myself O.C.G.D.D. made me have O.C.D. so I'm kind of a freak like that. Also I have these random moments of depression where I don't do shit, so if I'm responding to you then I'm happy, unless I tell you otherwise. The word, "bipolar" has been tossed around a lot which is creepy. I just realized that I need to do my homework and I have no idea why I just put it down in my info.

I may seem like a nerd but people say I'm a really cool person when they get to know me. Also sometimes I have my moments. I can be random. And sarcastic so be careful. I have a VAMPIRE obsession and fetish (see "bible" below.) I'm pretty straightforward too and I try to not hold anything back unless necesary. I have bad spelling sometimes so ignore it. Now I"m rambling....on to the basics.


Oh and of course I love GSB! (addict)


This kind of describes my a nutshell at least.

To others, you seem a bit dark, mysterious, and moody.
In truth, you are just a very unique person who doesn't care what others think.
And you really enjoy your offbeat interests and friends.
You've decided that life is about living for yourself - simple as that.

Superman is my hero, cause Aquaman is complete horseshit
Imagecourtesey of Tre CoolImage
Also Spiderman is just a whiney b*tchImage

Green Day is my Religion...

But Twilight is my bible.

-i love you
-you keep me sane
-you're my best, best, best friend
-you make me so happy
-i love to see you whenever I can

-i love you
-i miss you
-i want you to be so happy, even if it hurts me to let you go
-you are my best, best, best friend
-i wish you wanted to come home for the same reasons

-you make me happy when I feel left out
-i love you
-you always remind me of why i love Tre
-you're fun to talk to

__________________________________________________Signed the INO coffee whore


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