New Green Day and NRDC video

I didn't know where to put this one, but for the new video of the NRDC and Green Day site, they have Adrienne speaking in the video about how activists all over the country are beginning to take action and speak out against the government for the global warming and Energy usage. In the new video they feature 100 activist who have been taking action and working to protect the environment. I recieved an e-mail recently about how I am one of the people in that video. I'm still trying to figure out when the video will come out, but the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) and the Green Day collaboration is for a good cause. If you haven't joined yet, I suggest that you do it. You can get newsletters and information on different topics if you just sign up.

Help move America Beyond Oil- Take Action now! I did.
Posted on March 6th, 2007 at 09:20pm


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