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Hi!! WelCoMe tO mY PlaCe...
if U Want To KNoW mE... I aM tHat GIrL....(nothing interesting... )

Well I´m 16, and I live in a small town in the south of Spain, U kNow its the kind OF city where there isn't any concert of bands I like,, U_U that really sucks... That´s one of the things why i don´t like where i live... However there are some good things... like this[

mmmm What more?? ...
I´m shy.., well i don´t know if I am, cos i change my mood every second, almost all the days i have moments that i feel like shit, all depressed and other ones where i´m hyper and i sing alone... Image

I can be crazy, i use to make stupid things like a kid but I can´t avoid it...
I have some problems in my life, but i have learn to live with them and now they are part of my personality and if I hadn't them I would feel strange
(other pic of me )...


I don't like labels, but sometimes I feel so emo Sad but I don't like it I just can't avoid it.. in addition some people call me emo and is annoying...

I feel different, also i dress different than the people I know, i have a few good friends, but often I feel that they aren't ( during my depressing-moments) and i think that they have forget me.. cos they are in different schools and cities Sad but then i realise that i´m wrong, that they are my friends... Is hard cos we don't share the same hobbies, I Love music and they don't, I Love Green Day and they don´t even know their names, I´m weird and they are "normal"... but we are still friends...Image

And About family... well, i have the most horrible relationship with my parents, we never speak, they are always forcing me to do things, the first times we argued a lot, now i prefer to ignore them when they are bitching me...
Luckily i have a sister, she is the only one who talks with me, we are very friends, i think that she is my bEST friend, she was a goth and she rocks!! she loves music too and she makes me happier, she is the kind of person that is always joking and i know that i can relie on her Smile despite she loves my parents and doesn´t like my behaviour with them....

I´m perfectionist, i hate it, perfectionism destroys me, i´m trying not to be but is difficult... Image

I LOVE MUSIC!!! is my life!!! i can´t imagine a day without music, my most valuable thing is my iPod, I love it like a pet Smile ImageImage
I love Green Day, it has changed my life, I have grown with Green Day and they help me a lot, when i have problems i listen to them and i feel better, makes me feel special... People know that i´m obsessed, i don´t mind what they think, they don't understand....Image

Also I really LoVE MCR, The Killers, The Strokes, Panic! at the disco,Fall Out Boy,Muse, Lostprophets,Mando Diao, RHCP,The Ramones, From First To Last, The Kooks, Placebo, Coldplay,Aiden, Bullet For My Valentine, Angels & Airwaves... and more, i really need them!!

I´m in the video of Green Day + NRDC!!! Is so incredible :O i´m the girl with the lollipop with a red jacket!!! :OOOO

This is me in Salon Manga 2007, those rabbits were the best!! Razz!!!

I really like meeting people from other places, i´m Addicted to GSB, i love when i talk with GSBians, all of u rock!!! it makes me happy when anyone ask me to be friends or when send me a message ^^ so feel free to add me.
Also I love ur advices, here i show my feelings, and i tell things that nobody knows cos i know they don't understand.
in my life I feel really misunderstood and often lonely, but here is different...,



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