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They broke up. Dallas and Skylar. She broke up with him. She went on a cheerleading trip for 3 days a couple weekends ago (he actually let her go). Over that weekend she got in trouble about her cell phone and she tried to break up with him. He wouldn't accept it, and he said "No. We're not broken up. We're still a couple in MY eyes". The following Monday he put a lot of pictures of the two of them in her locker in an act of desperation. I think she realized how good life is without him. She broke up with him later that day. Skylar was absolutely miserable after. He was begging to get her back and crying. He is a good actor. His hygeine has been declining lately (this will be important later).

She wasn't allowed to:
-wear brown clothes
-wear bright colours
-wear make-up
-spend time with her family
-talk to ME (he specifically said not to talk to me)
-make contact with our old group of friends
-look at other members of the male gender
-talk to said members of the male gender

Yeah. He encouraged her to swear (she hated swearing before), drink pop (her New Year's resolution was to stop drinking pop), drink alcohol, and lie to her mom. She dyed her hair to please him, from a medium brunette to blonde-ish. There was some definite below waist action, but she won't tell me exactly what. I don't want to know, either. She thinks that she's a slut now.

She is talking to our friend Anthony again, who is friends with Skylar, about everything. Skylar told Anthony his plan to get Dallas back. He is going to shower more often, dress better, ask her to be friends again, have them hang out with a big group, then later on have them hang out alone, and then ask her out again. I won't let this happen. He is a huge dirtbag and shows no remorse for what he's done to her and us for the last 5 1/2 months. He does NOT deserve her.

It feels so good to have her back! Our group of friends is complete once again. Smile
Posted on April 26th, 2009 at 04:48pm


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