Response to "How will the Earth end?"

Here is the blog I am doing a response to.

Global Warming: Honestly, I don't believe global warming will end the world. We will just go into an ice age, it won't really be the end of the world. Animals survived the last one, even humans did (even though we are considered animals, we are mammals). And if they could survive, then we can definitely survive another. We are more advanced now, but technology isn't really the point here. What I'm saying is, global warming can't really end the world. No matter what, even if cars, and industrial plants were to disappear, global warming would continue. It's happened in the past, insects, animals, humans, etc, have survived past cases of global warming, which led into an ice age.

The Mayan Calendar:This, I can kind of believe to a point. The Mayan calendar ends in December 2012, which is the same time "Planet X", which goes by numerous names, is supposed to be passing by around the south pole. Which is believed to create an unbalanced force on Earth, causing unimaginable destruction. I believe that this is a possibility, but it is not certain. But nothing is certain. Unless you can somehow manage to create a time machine, fast forward to December 21, 2012. And come back proving to the world that this is will happen, then I honestly don't think people should be panicked, I'm not, and even I believe that this is a possibility. But I'm getting way off topic here, what I'm saying is, the Mayans had a very good view, the end of the Mayan calendar is when the supposed "Planet X" passes Earth. And all the theories of what "Planet X" can do to civilization can fit into the Mayan calendar.

Solar Sun Spots: This, in my belief I find to only to cause a few volcanoes to erupt and possibly some violent weather....other than that I don't really see anything happening. Now if it was THAT bad then yeah, plenty of bad things can happen, but I don't find this to end existence of Earths creatures.
Posted on May 3rd, 2009 at 11:15pm


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