WTF. Why do you hate him?

Why does everyone think Michael Jackson is a horrible person?!


He has donated more money than any human being alive to charity, and what does he get for it?
It's like.
"What the actual fuck?"
Does anybody know that one of the mothers *cough* UNFIT MOTHER *cough* actually admitted that she MADE UP the charges to get money out of Michael Jackson?
Because it wasn't widely published that she had confessed, because the media wanted someone to hate.

To clarify, Michael has had 3 nose jobs, one chin op.
He has a extremely rare skin condition which makes him extremely sensitive to harsh chemicals and UV rays.
This is why his skin is extremely pale, he hasn't had skin operations, or had his skin bleached at all, okay?
You can look him up on Wikipedia for all you like, it clearly states on there that he has 2 rare illnesses.

Another medical problem for Michael is that one performance he did, stage maintenance had forgotten where he would be when dancing, and moved a fire-lit lantern near where he would dance towards. This caught Michael off guard and the flames caught his hair. This severely damaged the skin on his scalp and he is unable to grow his own hair anymore. This is why he wears wigs. Not because he is a 'freak' but because of an extremely painful and unexpected occurrence.

Also, Michael believe children are the future, this is why he donates money to child charities.
I believe Michael wants children to have good lives because he didn't have a good childhood. He was made to perform whilst other children were at school. He had an awful childhood, and is just trying to help the less fortunate so that they don't have as bad a childhood as he had.

A few years back, Michael's accountants realized that if they didn't get some more money into MJs accountants, he would soon become bankrupt. This was partially because Michael liked provided a beautiful home for his family, but also because he was donating incredible sums to charities. He sold his Neverland ranch/theme park and his finance worries were sorted. People believe that his 'This Is It' O2 performances was planned because Michael was bankrupt or something, this is bullshit. Michael's sold over 130 million albums. He doesn't have money troubles!
A very large percentage of the money produced by the tour is going to charities of Michael preference, but yes much of it will go to Michael and his wife and three children.

Also, don't say to people who you may know are going to see Michael Jackson live 'Oh he won't perform, he will probably cancel all the dates, he's too old to dance anymore, ah he'll just lip sync it all'
You know why?
Because I've spent every penny I have ever earned on my ticket to see him, and guess what, I've had people knock Michael to the death of it, and to be honest, I don't want to hear all your shit about him not going to perform or anything, because he's my music hero, and I don't care if all he does is come on stage and sing a few lines of his best songs, because it will still be the best night of my life. Ever.

Now why do people consider him a 'freak'

If you ever see a picture of him, and think 'What a freak' remember
He brought a whole new rhelm of music to my heart, he changed the way I look at life, and without him, I would feel nothing. His songs have touched the hearts of billions of people. He is in the Guinness World Records for being the most charitable man in existence. His skin colour is what it is because of an extremely rare and painful disease.

So fuck you if you hate him.

Much love.

Posted on May 9th, 2009 at 06:50pm


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