Did that just happen, seriously?

"i love her, she knows it, she gets a boyfriend, i lose it"

I'm going to say something openly, i love her. She knows it, but doesn't like to say anything and i know that. But not too long ago, she done something.. Which made me feel like i'm not good enough for her, she got a boyfriend. She always said "i don't like long distance relationships because i couldn't not see my partner". Here's the thing people, he lives further away than me, by a fair bit actually. They didn't even talk that much, i think she was just trying to get me off her back.

Her tagline on her myspace is "We say we have our bestfriends, yet we stab them in the back". I know it's about me, cause i'm her bestfriend and the fact she done that. After they started going out, her myspace mood setting was "Paranoid" "Sad". I found out that it was her being paranoid about what i'd think. I just wish she'd realise how much i actually love her, i've been into JUST her, NO-ONE else for the last year and two months. I've said i love her, but when i do.. She just turns her back, or goes all quiet. I said to her, two weeks before she got a boyfriend *copies and pastes frorm chatlogs* "Right, so i need to say. You've heard it all before, i love you. I'll openly say that, i woud just like one chance to show you i can be that guy". All she said was, "Hmmm", two minutes later. "........ has signed out". I think she's afraid? What confused me even more, she came on that night and was talking to me like NOTHING had happened, this happens EVERYtime. Gahhh confusing!

Can you tell me what you think? I'm in a really confused state of mind here.
Posted on June 15th, 2009 at 07:03am


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