Is Love Blind?

I have been told recently that love makes you completely ignorant to all the bad things about the person of significance in your life. You seem to refuse to see how this person drinks too much, has an attitude, or is an absolute loser, etc.

Now, as this may be true, look at how hate and distrust can be blind as well.

Hate can cause you to disregard all of the beautiful things about a person. Say you hate this kid at school. He beats you up and says extremely mean things about you to others. You see him as scum of the Earth. Yet his mother and his girlfriend love him so.

All of you are blind! You don't see how much of a sweetheart he can be, and they don't see how much of a bully he can be.

This is all so very confusing, to me at least. Who can you trust? I mean, was he a bully or a lover at birth? No one can tell. After all, he could be lying about one thing or another.

I am asking you to come up with a way to solve this puzzle. Maybe it's not a puzzle after all, maybe I'm just stressed. But I am completely... confused and conditioned to think one way. Hopefully by asking you people, I will get a good answer. Or at least something inspiring.
Posted on June 18th, 2009 at 08:05pm


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