Green Day Live In Minneapolis.

This was far the best day of my life. My friends had been waiting in front of the Target Center since 5:30 in the morning. My boyfriend and I met up with them at about 11 in the morning. I think?

We waited for hours, falling asleep in the sun and walking places around. They were even doing America's Next Top Model auditions at a Japanese Steakhouse across the street.

After I got my tickets from the box office. My boyfriend and I ran to meet up with the rest of our group by the tour buses. We were across the street when Billie and Jason came out of the first one. We waved from across the street and Billie saw us and waved back. We then walked across the street to wait by the gate for the other tour bus. Mike walked out of that one and waved to the crowd. But for us, Tre was nowhere to be seen.

We then ran back to get our places in line for GA. People threw a fit because we had someone hold our spot in line. We really didn't care because we'd been waiting so long. There was a countdown every 10 minutes or so and the people shouting were a bit annoying. Libby, Anne, Casey and I played Green Day Hang Man for about a half hour. Before that we were playing Patty Cake and clapping games.

Some of the security guards came around and had us exchange our tickets for wrist bands that say "No Moshing". He told us we could get our tickets back after the show.

The doors finally opened and they were doing full body pat downs. I didn't get one and sped-walked to get to Mariah and Libby.

After waiting for an hour and sending a bunch of text messages to appear on the screen above us, The Bravery finally came on stage to start the show. All in all they were pretty good, if you could get past not understanding what they were saying.

After The Bravery, the drunk bunny came on stage and chugged two beers and was falling all over the place. I really thought he was going to fall off stage. The security guard escorted him off the stage and Green Day finally appeared.

You could tell the mood of the crowd change drastically. As soon as they came on, I was pinned against the gate and couldn't move nor breathe. But it was worth it. We were about 2 feet away from the band when they came onto the catwalk.

They opened with Song of the Century, followed by 21st Century Breakdown. They played a few songs from the new CD and then some from American Idiot. Then they started playing songs from Dookie and Nimrod.

My favorite was King for a Day. Jason Freeze dressed up as Michael Jackson, Billie as a police officer (he also took someone's sunglasses from the crowd), Jason White and Tre were in funny hats and from where I was standing, I couldn't see Mike. ]:
When they played Longview, Mariah was picked to sing up on stage. Followed by another girl and a guy who ended up stage diving.

The second to last song was Minnesota Girl, which Libby and I knew the words to and got funny looks from the people around us. They closed with Good Riddance which was just amazing.

It was the best show I'd ever been to and probably will have gone to.
Posted on July 13th, 2009 at 12:51pm


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