First Day Back At School...Not Good.

Today I went back to school from my seven week holiday. I wasn't honestly expecting it to be good or anything, because it's school...but it was a total failure of a day.
First I had to wake up at 7:30, that isn't too bad but the fact that my hair was really curly and I wanted it straight so it took about ten minutes to straighten. Then I had to wait for my friends, Alex and Reece to show up at my house so we could walk to school...they where late.
So I arrive in form late, hair messed up due to the foggy, windy weather. My first lesson was MATHS! I hate maths, I've NEVER been good at it and I doubt I ever will. At first I had to sit next to my twin brother because it was in alphabetitcal order, but then I was allowed to move, but I had to sit next to my brothers best friends...neither of us where good at maths so we where stuck staring at the maths questions in the text books we where given.
Next was Science, which in fact was the best lesson of the day! We had the awesome teacher for a change and he let us talk then do an experiment, and I got to sit next to Reece, Grinner and the only other girl in the I guess that was ok.
But it was just a series of rubbish lessons. I had French, then English, and then History. All of my bad subjects!
Plus the fact I had no iPod because mine broke yesterday, I was complely gutted. I was so upset, my parents said it was my fault...which it was because I threw it down in a tempter and the minute it flew out of my hands my brain screamed "Nooooo!"...

So my day was fairly rubbish...
Posted on September 8th, 2009 at 02:27pm


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