Thank You :'] (here's to you dear old friends)

As many people know, im not a blog person really.
I dont read them, or write them.
But i feel like i need to get something off my chest.
Feel free to ignore :]

When i was 13 i moved to my dads because my mom was moving with her boyfriend to a house.
And i ofcourse dident want to.
An every day with my father was something i thought i wanted but was so wrong.
For 5 years i went more and more into a depression.
I did nothing with my life, never went out, i was never social or anything like that.
But i did find one place where i was social like an ant at a picknic.
And that place was GSB :]
Sitting here looking at the blahs my friends are posting about me, and arguing who loves me more just makes me cry.
I was on the edge back when i lived at my dads, I had nothing to live for and pretty much Green Day and my friends here keept me alive :]
And i am forever thankfull for you guys

Krissy was my first GSBian friend, along with Chrissi and CC:]
We just discoverd that we've been talking for 5 freaking years and its just been a blast
I wouldnt want to change her for anyone in this world.
She is the most epic person i know :']
- oh god on with the water works T_T
its so cheesy but its so true.
She fails alot, and i love it
Krissy you are my rare purl :'] <3
and i hope to god that dosnt excist that you know this :']
Your deff one of them that keept me alive :']
and i want to go to your wedding bitch when ever that happends :']

Sam. My GSB whifeh :']
She was the second one i meat on GSB
We dont talk so much these days but we meat in an epic way.
We talkt about Mikes and Billies cocks on the tagboard when everyone thought we we're disgusting :]
and ever since that day we found eatchother.
We couldnt stop talking to eatchother.
I thought of her all the freakin time
We got married on the tagboard, epic btw, still have screen prints XD
and just.. she is so amazing :'}
it just sucks that she and i dont talk anymore really :'[
If you read this Sam, i love you still :']
Just wisht we could be like we use to <3

Lucky. My dear sweet lucky.
Never thought id see such a beautiful scottish person in my life.
We meat on your Wedding :], well your GSB wedding that is xD
and you commented and let me be flower girl :]
Then somehow we dident talk for a while.
Then we talkt om mibba a bit, then we died.
Then i askt you on GSB if you rememberd me
and you said: "well ofcourse :] you were on my wedding :]"
and ever since then, like what... ages ago now, we've been together :']
I miss you so much when your not on and i die from your prettyness
i hope you know that i love you too, your so special to me <3

Along that time i joind i meat wonderfull people like
Slappy, Libby, Kelli, Lizzy, Skippy, Nadine, Trusty Chords, The SquirrelMeister, Yeah thats me..., and soooooo much more people!

ok most of the people above dont remember me but thats ok :]
Thats pretty much the people i use to talk to and some i still talk to :]

Shell. on the other hand i dident meat on GSB.
I meat her on a Green Day forum and i kind of made her get an GSB
She is my bitch and i dont think i can go a day without her
When she join this forum where i was a mod on i just fell for her right away
Now im not the n00b loving person at all, i dont like n00bs i dont know why
But right away i liked her
She is my english twin and i feel strongly that i knew her in my past life.
Theres so much to type, so ill just keep it short
I love you isnt enought but im lost for words :'] <3

And today i have a life, sort of.
Im comming out of my depression everyday
I actually go to school now, well starting to.
and im driving Very Happy
and i speak to strangers more open then what i use to.
And sometimes i stop and wonder, what would i do if there was no GSB?
what if there was no Green Day?
i always shake my head of that bad thought and smile because its not inportant
What is inportant is that they do excist and YOU guys excist :]
Theres so much more to the story but im not going into it :]
I love you all, and thank you so much :'] (here's to you dear old friends)
Posted on September 18th, 2009 at 11:23am


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