I'm not pretending anymore.

This won't make sense. HAHAH

I'm just done with pretending for people.
I'm a different person depending on who I talk to. My two best friends at school and I have a running joke that there are 5 of me, and only 2 of them are girls.

I've had to pretend for everyone. Something about myself that I present isn't strictly true, because I'm afraid people won't like me.
But you know what got me to change my mind?
My fictional character's Twitter.
Yes, by not being myself, I've decided to be myself.

I have a Twitter for Bakura. The character is a complete bastard, so I was a complete bastard to people.
And as a result, I actually made friends.
I just say the first thing that comes to mind. Things that I wouldn't say.
And people liked me.
So I realized, hey, there are going to be people to like me for who I am completely.
People who don't mind my mind-fucks. Who don't mind that I switch voices and do impressions frequently. Who don't mind that I speak like a 25 year old half the time. Who don't mind that I like to write fan fiction. Who don't mind that I'm attracted to girls. Who don't mind that I would rather go see a movie with three friends rather than go to a mixer with 500 people I don't know.
People who either appreciate, or share my love of
This, This, Or even this!
I know I've said it before, but I really, I don't care anymore.
I've been cornered about what I like, or my beliefs before. And recently, I've been able to talk my way out, or just say 'well fuck you' and not feel embarrassed at all.
I am who I am. And that's it.
Because of this, I've lost 90% of the friends I had last year. They barely speak to me anymore, and don't sit with my at lunch. I have 2 good friends, Mary Louise and Shannon in my school. Laura, Olly, and Abby and Emma out of school.
And I would rather have those 6 friends who love me for who I am inside, rather than 30 friends who like me for who I pretend to be.

In my life, I have never been more happy, and more sad, than I am right at this moment.

Me [Bakura]- 'Life is hard. God is easy' Did this commercial just say god was easy to bang?
Dartz- ...HAHAHAH. Apparently.
Me- ...Does that make God a Gigolo? HAHAHAHAH. ... we are going to hell. .. more-so.
Dartz- HAHAHAH I know. God the gigolo... AHAHA.

Dartz- I warp your words. I'm a business man. It's what I do.
Me- I'll warp your face. I'm evil. It's what I do.
Dartz-... HAHAHAH, warp my face? What the fuck?! HAHAH
Me- You know Picasso's paintings? Actually just photographs of people who piss me off.
Dartz-... HAHAH. Okay, point for you, that was good. Bakura- 2, Dartz- 1.

My name is Sir Florence Modesty Bucket Bakura, and I am friends with Sir Buzz Killington Dartz. And I love my life.

Mock me all you want, I don't give a damn.

**Thank You for Reading.**
Posted on October 10th, 2009 at 02:40pm


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