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I don't think I need to say that I love Green Day.
I'm infatuated with them. Immersed in their music. In awe of their brilliance. Everything in my life seems to relate back to them.
Because of them, I'm independent. They've shown me the beauty of being alone. It's not so bad, since iPods were invented. Now I'm never lonely. They're always in my head. They inspire me to keep living when life gets shit. I have to keep living. Otherwise I'll never hear or see them again. That's enough to keep me going. And it's fine by me.
I love them. The day I meet them, I will be the happiest person on earth. Their music is the soundtrack to my life. They are my heroes.

I'm an old school type of kid. I'm still living in the 90s. With the punk reform- the best thing that ever happened to the world. I love The Ramones, the Pistols, Husker Du, the Circle Jerks, Nirvana, Operation Ivy, Rancid, Dead Kennedys, the Offspring... man, the list goes on.

I like to attack strangers. Verbally and physically. Only physically if they insult me, or are dressed in a funny suit.
I like to make friends with overseas people. And impersonate villians in fictional stories. And start talking in GreenDaySongTitle language to people who hate Green day, so they never know what I'm saying....
I like to walk. Who else likes to walk? I do. I HATE school. As Billie Joe said, 'School is practice for the future. Practice makes perfect. And nobody's perfect, so why practice? "
I HATE people who pretend to like Green Day, because they're in the mainstream, or to suck up to me. I HATE it. They're all like: "Omg, I LOVE that new band, Green Bay. I'm like their biggest fan... EVER. Billie Joel is just SO hot. Blablablablabla"
I like to draw cartoons and comic strips. I also like to tell people random pieces of contradictory philosophy to mess with their heads. I am rather a sadist >Smile

Despite what my status says, I am NOT a newbie. Green Day have been in my life for so long I feel like they're always beside me. So I'm NOT A NEWBIE, DAMNIT!



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