My Green Day Experience :'] 11-10-09 Stockholm/Sweden

I went in line the day before, with nothing.
The people that was there told me id freez to death at night.
And so i calld my mom and she came with 2 sleeping bags, 2 giant pillows, and food and all that.
And by the time she got ther i was freezing like hell.
Everyone in the line loved my mom.
Because she was like all hyper and shit like me x)
And she was the only mother who was ok with the whole "sleeping outside" thing.
Everyones mom came and was like: "you're crazy" or something like that
While my mom was like: "IM SO PROUD OF YOU TESSIE :') YOU'RE JUST LIKE I WAS :')"
haha yeah.
But the people in line was actually mostly friendly and stuff.
No one was an old fan like me but meh what the hey x)
So lets skipp the line-fun and jump right to the consert.

Prima Donna opend, and you know what? they were f-ing awesome live o_o
I dont like the recordings but man they are a live band.
i fell for them right away.
the singer in the band was like: "COME ON STOCKHOLM RAISE YOUR HANDS!.... and if you dont have hands raise your beers"
and i was like: "I WISH I HAD ONE! D:"
and he replyd something like YOU GIRL BLABLABLA somethingsomethginseomgeth while pointing at me. I was then turnd on <_< lmfao
and yeah he took of his shirt and stuff and juped around in the front.
We toucht his body x)
and then they left and ze Green Day bunny came on and did his thing x) <3
and then he left and i was sad
but then it happend

Green Day came on stage and the crowd went nuts.
I thought that i would screem along but i couldnt ._.
i was in shock and when the crowd went alittle quiet i scremed on mike and he did his famous pose to me *insert way to happy tessie*
And the show started and it was more then epic win
i cant discribe it at all
it fealt like the show was only for me it...was....yeah..
i did keep my promise i made to myself 10 years ago that i will put my hand between my legs if they play Hitchin a ride, and so they did , and so did i ;D
Everyone laught around me lmfao
And yeah right then and there i knew for sure that i dident love them, i was INlove with them :']
i could go on forever and talk about Billie's crazyness x)
but since they recorded the shit, you'll probebly see his crazyness.
We sang happy birthday to brixton, but they dident hear it D:
oh well :'D

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for more, most blurry, pictures just ask :]

P.S : yes people, i was in the front, and billie was 1 meter away from me :]
Posted on October 12th, 2009 at 09:43am


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