My Top 3 Films

My Top 3 Films By Fionn Og

Song For A Raggy Boy
Song For A Raggy Boy is a book based film, based on true events. It revolves around the lives of young Irish boys also known as “Raggy Boys” in a 1939 Irish school for boys. The school is overseen by a group of priests and the faith of the boys wrong doings lie in the hand of a sadistic brother John, who prefers battery and assault to giving lines and detention. However with the new arrival of teacher William Franklin, a particular class of boys are introduced to a new way of life, as this war hero teaches them to read and write and the art of unity and acceptance. As real life stories are involved in this film, we see priests raping young boys in toilets and battering boys to death. The film hit Irish cinemas in 2003 and sparked major controversy and with the current Murphy report having being issued this year in Ireland, the brutality and paedophilia ways of Irish priests have become further highlighted. Not a film for the light hearted, with traumatic scenes such as the infamous Christmas scene, where two young brothers try to sneak each other gifts on Christmas morning but are found out, and flogged within and inch of death in front of the other boys.

The Magdalene Sisters
The Magdalene Sisters is a 2002 Irish film, based around the lives of young girls and woman in what in Ireland are known as Magdalene Laundries. Woman seen as worthless and a shame to their families were sent to these laundries, which were run by religious order who once again, show their true colours behind closed doors, and batter and abuse the girls. The film tackles more true life stories by real victims, and covers many more controversial issues present in Irish society up until the late 80’s. young woman falsely accused of being slappers are sent to these laundries, where in actual fact, they were raped by their cousins. Each woman suffers unbelievable torture and cruelty on all developmental levels, however few triumph above the religious orders and manage to escape, moving on to make a life for themselves. This film also sparked more controversy, with the release of the Ryan Report, highlighting the horrific cases of child abuse at the hands of institutions in Ireland.

Michael Collins
For an Irish republican, like myself, Michael Collins is amongst the top seen movies. The film, released in 1996, is a biopic about the Irish Patriot and his fight for Irish freedom. The film itself is an explanation of the history of civil war Ireland, and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone not familiar with the history. My problem with the film is endless, with more then enough wrong facts to cause disrupt amongst the Irish community. For example, Michael Collin being referred to as Minister for Intelligence. Wrong. He was IRA intelligence. The film, although something I hold close to my heart, was a bit of a disappointment, although did host two of my favourite actors: Alan Rickman and Liam Neeson.

- Fionn Og

What are yours and why?
Posted on December 28th, 2009 at 07:34pm


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