There's No Return From 86.

So I was pretty much 4 years old when I first heard Green Day. Good Riddance was all over the radio and wherever I went there was a radio on. It really hit me when I was in third grade, and American Idiot came out. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams made me make my mother take me to the mall two hours away to buy the CD. I remember sitting on my bus, bus number 86, listening to American Idiot and then Dookie on and off in my light blue CD player every morning. Then a new kid came. A new kid and his little sister. The new kid sat in the seat next to mine. The new kid’s name was Ryan.

Somehow, this little boy named Ryan made my third grade world go wild. And apparently I made his fourth grade world something special because his little sister ran up to me one day and told me my name was written on papers all over his wall. It was like Heaven. Ryan’s mom and my mom became very close. To the point where it was us all together all the time.

One day, I heard Pulling Teeth. I was again, only an 8 year old kid who wasn’t paying attention to the lyrics. But I did hear the line “I better tell her that I love her.” That song became more meaningful to me than any other Green Day song ever has been solely because it made me feel like it was meant to be, between me and this kid Ryan.

Let’s skip the boring stuff and fast forward to 8th grade. I was all sad because Ryan was a big bad high-schooler. The high school in my school district is on the opposite side of the county than my middle school was. So I never saw the kid, even though he did live right down the road. Until that summer. We hung out all the time and became inevitably close.

It was high school. I wasn’t on 86 anymore. I was now on 64, with a whole bunch of seniors and juniors who shot up in the back of the bus. I sat there with this cheerleader and we were really timid and such, with Ryan and his friend Derek across from us. No one ever talked on my bus really.

Ryan and I would talk during lunch and stuff, and hang on weekends. But then Homecoming came up. I got asked to the dance. I said yes.

Ryan didn’t ask me to go. It was a freshman named Mike.

Ryan got pissed off.

Mike and I eventually broke it off after a while. I was then with this really attractive wrestler named Joey. But again I was really close with Ryan. We came to the conclusion that I was to break it off with Joey so I could be with Ryan. Forever.

January 7, 2009. I break it off with Joey.

January 11, 2009. My life with Ryan begins.

We’ve gotten into fights. We’ve broken up like, four times. Once for quite a long time. But we can’t be separated for too long. He’s just too important to me. Not to mention he has green, green Billie eyes.

I’ve added 8 more songs to the list of songs that remind me of him. All of them are by Green Day, of course. Every song represents something in our relationship, at least in my mind. These songs are 2,000 Light Years Away, Pulling Teeth, Scattered, Jinx, Redundant, Church On Sunday, Poprocks and Coke, Last Night On Earth, and Hearts Collide.

It makes me happy knowing that I can link the two best things in my life together like that. And that it all started with 86.
Posted on February 8th, 2010 at 08:44pm


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