Jumping on the bandwagon: A Day In The Life of Erin

(monday schedule)
12:00 am: Dream about a rocket launching out of the local movie theatre, then crashing, and having to run like hell away from it.
7:30 am: Alarm goes off. Wildly fling arm out and hit snooze
7:40 am: Alarm. Snooze again.
7:50 am: Alarm. Contemplate waking up this time. Snooze again.
8:00 am. Finally get self out of bed. Immediately make preferred breakfast of nutella on a toasted bagel.
8:15 am: Wander around house looking for shampoo and a towel
8:17 am: Shower. Water fluctuates between burning and lukewarm
8:30 am: Think about drying and straightening hair, but realize there isnt enough time. Rub some cream in it instead and just do the bangs. Then, put in contacts, makeup, get dressed, pack school bags, etc etc etc.
9:00 am: emerge from bed room, make sandwich, pack lunch.
9:05 am: Brush teeth, and out the door. Open garage to get bicycle, bike to the train station.
9:20am: Get on train, insert earphones, zone out for the rest of the ride, knowing I should probably be cramming for something.
9:50am: Arrive at JA college.
10:00am: Chemistry. Try to listen attentively as teacher explains molecular models. Try NOT to use molecular model kit to make a machine gun and have a war with friend.
11:30: Calculus. Contemplate jumping out window. it IS on the 4th floor...
1:00pm: Lunch/2.5 hour break. Meet best friend Allie in caf and complain about how hard calculus is. Waste money on the ridiculously expensive cafeteria cookies. But they're SO GOOD.
2:30 pm: Allie has class, but I still have an hour left of break. Go to the library to catch up on homework/read MLIA on my ipod
3:30pm: Sociology. Teacher shows mildly interesting slideshow and or documentary, then talks about term project. Vow to do more work on said project once I get home
4:50pm: SCHOOL IS DONE!! Get my ass to the train station asap
4:58pm: Take train. Usually forced to make awkward small talk with random aquaintances.
5:30pm: Get off train, bike home
6:00pm: Eat supper, then watch TV/go on the computer till about 7.
7:00pm: Convince self to start homework. Take snack and facebook breaks about every 20 minutes.
9:15 pm: Finish/give up on homework. Call boyfriend and talk until about 10:30
10:30 pm: go on GSB and facebook
11:30 pm: SLEEPY TIMEZ

not particularly interesting, but there it is!

Posted on April 15th, 2010 at 01:56pm


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