Facebook Games: Friend Or Foe?

The posts begging for friends to send bricks and logs clog our News Feeds. The redundant invites for game after game make us dread pushing the 'Ignore' button time and time again. But are Facebook games all that bad?

We've all heard the stories of people waking up at 3 AM to harvest their corn, or spending real money to buy Facebook Cash so they could purchase 'Clean Bombs,' and then, for example, my friend's story about when she saw two elderly women in Perkins wearing Farmville tee-shirts. What does this all mean? Is society losing their minds or are people merely taking advantage of fun, mainly free games?

I guess that depends on who you are. My own mother, for example, will play Petville until her wrist falls off, but will never spend a dime on purchasing 'pixilized images.' One of her friends, on the other hand, spends over $40 a week on games like Farmville, Petville, and Café World. What for? To have fun? To 'prove' that she has extra money to spend?

Could our society be so narrow-minded that they would rather spend hours playing these games, rather than keeping up-to-date with the oil spill that will effect our world for years to come? Could the senator that was banned from his position because of playing Farmville while attending meetings feel that his position in government meant nothing more than checking Facebook?

Whatever your opinion, whether Facebook games are innocent or mind-controling, they are distracting. Even I find myself playing 'Baking Life' time and time again. But in the end, what are Facebook games to you?
Posted on June 21st, 2010 at 11:42pm


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