Best Friends?

There's this guy named Chris, right? And we've been friends for three years, right? Some big stuff has gone down recently, putting our friendship in danger, but we got over that. So we're still best friends, right...?
A few minutes ago, I called my 'best friend', whom I haven't talked to in weeks because he's been obsessed with his girlfriend. I had just gotten off the phone with my other friend, Josh, who told me something he was suposed to keep to himself;
That Chris and his girl had been playing 'the nervous game' and she basically grabbed his pee-pee, making him really uncomfortable. She came to the conclusion, not publicly, though, that if he was that weirded out maybe they shouldn't be together.
So Chris talked to Josh to get advice, and Josh told him to tell her flat out what was bothering him. And he did. And it made her want to break up with him more. So now he's all worried about that, AND pissed off at Josh.
What makes me think is why he didn't call me. We're best friends. I mean, he always used to talk to me about that stuff. He used to talk to me about everything...
Anywho, when I called him, he just said;
"Hey, some real bullshit is going down...Yeah, can I call you back later?"
As far as he knows, I know nothing, and I was thinking, WTF??? I'M YOUR BEST FRIEND. TALK TO ME, BITCH!
I don't know...I miss having such a strong friendship =[

*This really has no point, it's a rant. Like a real journal entry...I'm just looking for advice, I guess...Maybe I'm overreacting...?
Posted on January 16th, 2007 at 08:25pm


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