American Idiot: Featuring St. Billie

I know that GSB has been put on the backburner for me, and I'm not proud of that. It's my junior year of high school and I'm trying my best to make a life for myself and my boyfriend of 3 years. We've got plans, kid.
On Saturday, October 2nd, I got the rare opportunity to watch something that I guarantee anyone who's ever even heard of Green Day wanted to see - Billie Joe Armstrong playing St. Jimmy in American Idiot.
Early that morning, I got into my little blue Lebaron convertible and drove the two hour drive to the city. Yes, that includes going through the Lincoln tunnel, which I'm deathly afraid of. I've been to the city about 78426329423 times so I know my way around - I don't need a map to make the right, then left, and then right to get to 44th street and 8th avenue - where the St. James Theatre is located. I was sitting at a stop light on 43rd street when all of a sudden, I just happened to look out my window, when I saw John Gallagher Jr. walking down the street! He's a pretty busy guy and is currently filming a TV show, which is why I think he was so late. I got my tickets and stalked around for a while, before getting bored and going back to the front of the theatre.
After letting us in, the theatre was buzzing with noise and excitement. Finally, a man came on a loud speaker, and announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to the St. James theatre for this afternoon's showing of American Idiot! We hope you enjoy yourself. Also... the role of St. Jimmy, usually played by Tony Vincent, will be played today by Billie Joe Armstrong." I can't even tell you how loud that theatre was. I've never heard so many people cheering and screaming. Right after the announcement, the show started, and the long wait for Billie's appearance began.
Before he actually came out, they had to play a number of other songs: American Idiot, Jesus of Suburbia, Holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Favorite Son, and Are We the Waiting. As soon as Are We the Waiting was over, every single person in the theatre was on the edges of their seats. Some people were cheering. We knew it was coming. Then some extras sang... "St. Jimmy's coming down across the alley way... Up on the boulevard like a zip gun on parade... Light as a silhouette, he's insubordinate, coming at you on the count of ONE TWO..."
Billie then came down the stairs singing "ONE TWO THREE FOUR!" and every single person in the theatre died. I was crying hysterically. Not only was his voice perfect live, but his choreography was perfect. Seeing the show before I knew what to expect, and it was completely perfect. Some things that he did were rather unexpected however... right after St. Jimmy, Give Me Novocaine comes on, where Johnny and Whatsername get it on on stage. Before his exit, Billie screamed out "BABY BABY IT'S FUCK TIME!!!" and I'm not sure how many people got it, but I know I sure did, and I died of happiness.
My favorite song in the show, Last of the American Girls / She’s a Rebel, came on soon after. I loved hearing Billie’s voice sing the part to that song. Then, Last Night on Earth was played, and Billie’s duet with Mary Faber was excellent. Sadly, the show soon came to a close, with Billie’s ‘first’ exit after St. Jimmy dies in Homecoming. First, he threw his shirt off. Every single female in there (and then some) were going "OHHH MY GOD OHHHHHH MY GOD" as Billie rubbed his belly, and then drew the heartagram on his chest. Everyone cheered him on as he shot himself with the gun that actually has a flag come out saying ‘Bang!’ He was then carried off the stage, and for a moment, came back from the dead and with a goofy smile, waved goodbye to everyone.
Though everyone was sad to see him go, he soon came out again to perform Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) with the rest of the cast. The let him play the first part himself, and then the rest of the cast joined in. It truly was amazing.
After the show, we waited outside to try and catch a glimpse of him. I actually found Michael Esper and got his autograph. We caught a very small glimpse of Billie leaving the theatre, and then sat on the ground and waited about three hours in hopes of seeing him come back for his 8:00 show.
He came back, and tried signing peoples things, but his body guards hustled him along. I was right up front with an older looking guy, maybe in his late twenties. He was wearing a Green Day baseball cap and literally threw a sharpie and a copy of 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours (on a 12 inch) at Billie who quickly signed it and gave both items back to the guy. I then without even thinking, put my hand out and managed to touch Billie’s hand. Even with his 78536854 body guards screaming ‘MOVE MOVE MOVE’ I really didn’t care. I touched him.
All in all, it was one hell of a day. I saw so much, and had a lot of fun. Billie’s not only a talented musician, but an outstanding actor. And I’m sure we’d all agree.
Posted on October 3rd, 2010 at 02:07pm


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