One year ago, i saw Green Day..

It was on Mike Dirnts birthday i sat early by the computer, waiting for the tickets to their Stockholm/Sweden gig to be released. When they finaly were released the ticket site pretty much crashed hard. it loaded forever. after loading for 20 min i saw no hope in getting a ticket, specialy not a floor ticket. but then i did. i dident believe i got them untill an hour later when me and my mother picked the tickets up. and i started bawlin my eyes out in a coffee shop, because we decided to go for a coffee. i started ranting about how excited i was and my mom just smiled at me. don't think she's ever seen me so happy. infact i don't think i've ever been that happy. and it was ironic that i was holding my Green Day tickets on Mike's birthday [insert giggles here]

time had never passed so slow. i remember it felt like it took years. waiting for October to roll in. when it did time started running fast.

october 10th i get a phone call from my then friend who was going with me to the show. it was around 12:00 pm i think, he told me people were already lining up for the show outside. my eyes widend as i have planed all my life to be in the front. i asked him how many people were there and he told me just a few. "just a few.." i thought to myself. im not risking anything. i told him with a : orvil: expression on my face that we were gonna camp outside. when we got there there was 21 people. they had all numbers on their hands for you know, things to be fair. the person that has waited the longest had to go in first and so on. i thought it was fair. i got to be number 22. so i was singing walking contradiction all day i rememmber lol. they thought i was weird but i couldn't care less. some of the people around us were awesome though because we sat down, had a beer or two with them. when all of a sudden 2 people runs to the front saying they meat Green Day. they had pictures of them. Billie signing autographs and taking pictures with the guys. and then they told us that the paparazzi was all over Mike and Britt and baby Brixton, and mike told them to leave his family alone, because they were eating. and i was like "i can't believe that they have no respect for people. i hate paparazzis". anyways the guys thought they were cool and shit and i just rolled my eyes at them. my mom came with sleeping bags, pillows, food and coffee. the people in the front loved my mom and dident want her to go. they keept asking me if she was gonna come back and i told them that she'll be back tomorrow to pick the stuff up.
that night me and another girl had to find a bathroom, because i wanted to take a dump and she just needed to pee. so we walked around talking. and found an outdoor toilet. of course it was only for guys so there was just those standing pee things. but i dident care, i had to go. so i took a dump in one of those [insert Tessie dieing with laughter here]. we then all went to watch a football game. we got a call from someone that said that Foxboro Hot Tubs was playing in a bar somewhere. and i hit myself in the head for not being born earlyer, because i wasnt 18 yet so i couldnt go.

october 11th. we woke up on our sun chairs, in our sleeping bags, hearing the rain hit the bags. it was quiet, and alittle and my friend sat there for a moment, talking and stuff as we see a bunch of older guys that looked like total douches. then we realize its Prima Donna [insert laughing here], they came over and stuff. nice guys. really like them. diden't take pictures of this because. well we diden't really think about it. but here's some weird photos we took while waiting for over 26 hours. ps. no i dident actually have that huge white hoodie inside. it was freakin cold during the night so lol.

when our wait was finaly over it started raining. they played bullet in a bible on a speaker and i sat on it [insert laughing here]. i had to tie my then new creepers that i had bought just so i could see something, i mean come on im short. i started jumping up and down to get the line happy and excited. it kind of worked. i screamed along to bullet in a bible. i remember it was the counting part in Hitching a ride. so i was doing the billie counting and everyone was like: ONE TWO ONE TWO TREE FOUR!!. it died laughing. my sister came by to be excited with me too. she wanted to go. lol. and we sang some Green Day before they let us in. and my mom too. everyone laughed. she then became the official Green Day mom of Sweden. lol. that was awesome. she fixed peoples eyeliner becuase the rain had pretty much made everyones makeup wash away. i got interviewd from some place i dont remember where she was from. but gosh it was so cool. i tend to always get interviewd at shows but this was so different. this was so close to my heart.

we went inside and this guy told a bunch of us to fallow him, and the people that left the line would have to go in the back. and meh im sneacky so me and my friend left the line anyways, andim happy i did. because i got the best standing point at the whole floor part. i couldn't believe it. i sat there. i was actullay going to see the three people that has compleatly changed my life, that has saved me oh so many times. what would my reaction be? well i had a feeling i wouldn't actually scream. we meat cute young people next to us. they were like 15 i think. really nice people. she barrowed my eyeliner and we talked and she couldn't belive i was a fan since i was 2. she thought that was cool. i keept looking over the crowd sitting down on the floor. had no idea what would happend once Green Day would come out. i remember my leg fell asleep so i was pretty bummed about that and wanted to stand up but the security guys told me not to. oh well.

Prima Donna came on and did their thing. to my suprice they were awesome live. because im not a fan of recorded - Prima Donna. Kevin was telling everyone to rise their hands or beers to the sky. and i shouted that i dident have one. people around me laughed and he looked and me and pointed and said something. i forgot what it was but something about "you girl..". nice guy.

Green Day came on and i dident scream. i just smiled. Billie ran over with a big smile on his face. Tré ran to his drums, standing on his chair, knowing he's god. Mike ran and stood next to billie, as i waved like crazy to Mike he responded with his famous face pose. i couldn't move. everything just happend so fast. i couldn't believe THE Mike Dirnt, looked at me, and gave ME the face pose. i've never been so lucky in my entire life o_o, im here thinking back on this and can't still believe it. you know i thought Billie would get me the most excited. but he diden't. Mike did. like even before the show i was like: i know im not gonna freak out about Billie. i just knew it. well sure it was exciting a bit that he pretty much staird at me through out the consert, because i was just a foot away from him.

Mike moved around too much so it was really hard to capture this mysterious creature.

oh look people, it's Tré

Billie wanted me to go on stange to sing but i turnd him down. people around me keept pushing me to go up but i shouted a big ass no. and Billie said that it was okey, i dident have to. and he walked away. i don't think he's use to being rejected like that, well i hope i bursted some of his egoness. that man has too much selfasteam its not funny. he kind of glared at me after that. man that was entertaning. we took some pictures in there too.

some videos:
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to end this wonderful blog i'd like to say that i still feel like this day never happend. it was too awesome to be real.

EDIT: It took me 1 year, 2 months and 1 day to ralize this all happend. i am shaking and crying and remembering everything. all of this and more actually happend to me. it wasnt a dream. holy crap ;_; ♥
Posted on October 11th, 2010 at 05:26am


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