Chiddy Bang: Review of The Preview

Chiddy Bang

Chindera Anamege - Chiddy, vocals.
Noah Beresin - Xaphoon Jones, producer and DJ (The Bang in Chiddy Bang)

Chiddy Bang is made up of Chiddy and Xaphoon. They are from Philly, PA.
They preview songs and use freestyles.
Chiddy is famous for his freestyles at random moments. At concerts they have the audience pick random topics and he puts all of them into one freestyle.

Chiddy Bang has some mixtapes like "Air Swell" which is a mini mixtape, also "Swelly Express".

In August 2010 they came out with a debut album "The Preview"

"Neighborhood (ft. Killer Mike)"
"The Good Life"
"Truth (ft. Passion Pitt)
"The Opposite of Adults"
"Here We Go (ft. Q-Tip)"
"All Things Go"
"Nothing On We"
"Bad Day"
"Old Ways"

From this album their hit single was "Opposite of Adults", and the music video won the 2011 Woodie Awards on MTV. This year they feature in the Bamboozle Road Show!

Also "Truth' and "The Good Life" are also music videos that are easily found online.


Some of their other hit songs aren't included on this debut album like "Under The Sheets" which takes a sample from Ellie Goulding. Other songs include "Fresh Like Us", "Hey London", and "Dream Chasin'"

The style of Chiddy Bang is mainly feel good music. It's hip-hop and rap, but it's also techno. With Xaphoon Jones as the DJ anything could be thrown together to make a song.

Chiddy Bang recently released "Heatwave" featuring Mac Miller AND feature in "Too Fake" - Big Sean
^You guys probably heard "Too Fake" before, if you wanted to or not.

They're on the rise!
Posted on April 15th, 2011 at 05:26pm


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