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4:39 PM

My best friend left for New Jersey today. That means I won't see him all spring break. I'm used to seeing him everyday and being with him almost ever day during the weekends. His girlfriend finally took a liking to me.
My friends and I are music freaks, of all types of genres- not just one. We love hunting down people on the rise and seeing what they have to put out there.
Also, some people I know have connections and once knew the people who are now playing on MTV and are now on tour.

Music, lets just say... makes us a big family.

At this moment I am downloading XV's new mixtape "Zero Heroes"

I don't expect many people on here to know who he is but he is a rapper but he is really chill. Check him out Smile

P.S. This is my music journal thing. Whatever we shall call it.

9:32 AM

My best friend who lives down the street decided to walk to my house, into my room and wake me up. at 8:45 in the morning. I never get up this late on weekends. I usually get up around maybe 12:30 or 2:00. Mall day I guess.
Last night a "friend" of mine from NY told me that South Carolina is a "NY wannabe!" What does that mean?

Sorry, but we hold our own here.
Music travels to different places, and fyi to her - Mac Miller is from Pittsburgh, not NY so in all reality it's Pittsburgh that knows him first. Oh! Bam! PLUS, how did i find him out? A friend of mine who used to know him from when he lives there. He moved, to carolina just like the rest of us tri-state people. I think we knew him before you.

Done ranting for the day!

7:01 PM

I got back from New York yesterday afternoon. The weather was so different than in Carolina. Once I got back I was taking off all my layers of clothes I wore back in New York. It was a nice visit though. I don't miss it that much but after a while I realize I miss certain parts more than certain people.
My sister was a great host in this house of 11 people! She really is superwoman in my opinion, she deals with a lot in one hour and I don't know how she does it.
I have step nieces that flew in from California to stay spring break week also, they love to make fun of me for my music taste (because it's so different)!
Plus, they have this obsession with Croc's. I don't like them at all! They have them in every single color.

They influence my niece (blood related). She follows them about all fashion and what's new or hot. She hasn't found her little niche yet in life, I hope she will soon.


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