10 Things I Hate About You

Take this as my warning. Some of these things may seem a little harsh, but it's really gotten to me over the last couple weeks. I don't mean to be overly offensive to any of you. Hell, I don't even mean to offend some people on here at all, I just want to state my mind.

1. You guys never take anything seriously.
Someone on here could be in complete distress, crying their eyes out and just need a little advice on what to do. What do you guys do? "Oh you'll get over it." Seriously, I do not care who you think you are. What's the difference between one of your friends having a hard time and someone on here having a hard time? Be a little more sensitive to some topics and actually try keeping an open mind for once.

2. "You're 13."
Really guys? What happened to the whole "age is just a number" lifestyle we all went by not more than 2 years ago? Being 13 is no different than being 18. I know I'm almost 19 and everyone that has ever met me thinks I have a mentality of a 4 year old. Don't say "that's how we were treated on here at 13, that gives us the right to treat them like that" because that just makes you sound like heartless bitches. Not that you aren't at this point. Stop being so goddamn insensitive and have a damn heart for once. Treating them how you were treated isn't right. If that were the case, we'd still get hit on the ass with rulers and belts if we did something wrong.

3. Trolling.
For some reason, this is getting on my nerves. Somebody could say something completely serious and wanting a serious answer and there you guys go with all the bullshit again. At first it was funny, now it's just annoying and immature. You guys might as well be treated like shit along with how you treat the youngers.

4. Commenting
I haven't been on really in a while and when I am on it's only briefly. I try to talk to as many people as I can and comment on people's things, but being in a different country from all of you it gets hard, so I'm a little hypocritical on this one. But, like Laura is usually saying, comment on everybody's blahs and (not spammed) blogs. Selecting a small few just because you're friends and you're close to them makes others feel like you guys don't even care. Not that any of you really care about anything.

5. Moderators.
I know GSB has really gone down to the dogs lately. Which really sucks because this used to be my favorite website. But do not complain to Dujo every 15 seconds that we need Mods on here. They already know by now with the 2742812476384h38237 different emails/pms you sent them. Most of the Mods are in university right now, probably piled up with homework along with running Mibba and probably up to 8 other Dujoness websites. If Dujo wanted to put a new mod on here he would, but what's the point. There's only about 40 of us left and let's face it, practically none of us deserve to be a Mod.

6. Debating.
Debating is one of my favorite things to do. I love arguing with people endlessly about anything that comes to mind. One thing I do not like, however, is sometimes when people on here debate, they do it to an annoying level. Like saying "I'm not going to bother reading that because I'm too good for it." This tends to happen a lot, not in those exact words, but that's what I get out of it. If you're not looking for an argument, then don't comment.

7. Relationships.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. Most of you guys are in a relationship. Now, with the exception of a few on here, most of the people in the relationship are in an unhappy relationship. I know it probably goes deeper than what you tell us on here, but it's pretty easy, if you're not happy with it, then don't be in it. Simple as that. There is no excuse, especially one that consists of "I just want to have attention" (or something that comes down to that), to be in a relationship that is abusive, repulsive or that simply isn't making you happy. Dump that fucker and get the hell out.

8. Self-esteem.
I know a lot of you suffer with self-esteem issues and have for a while. But no matter how hard we try to make you feel better or happier, it comes down to the same thing every time. "I'm ugly/fat/repulsive/blah blah blah." If you're going to keep saying this and not take anything anybody objects to, then just don't say it because I'm probably not the only one that gets sick of it.

9. Liveliness.
GSB is dead. It has been for a long time now. Everybody on here knows that. But still, this is like an online home for some of us, a place to talk to people who have no biased opinion of what you want to say or what happened at school blah blah blah. But in order to keep GSB from completely dying like it has been most nights and days, you have to comment/post something people are going to want to read. If you post "Hey" and then follow it up with "I'm bored" then nobody is really going to say anything but something along the lines of "go fucking do something".

10. Green Day.
I know, I know, most of you guys can't stand Green Day anymore. But this is what brought us all here. We all had this obsession at one point in our lives (some longer than others...) and that's why we joined in on this fansite. We wanted to talk to people about this amazing band and just how amazing they were. Now the way some of you guys talk about them makes me want to be sick. I don't care if you don't like them anymore, but some of us still love them and probably will always love them. But think, without them, none of us would even know each other. Sad panda.

Okay, yeah, so those are my thoughts of today and how irritated I've been lately with you guys. Some of you more than others and some not at all. Like I said, don't get overly offended or anything, just try and think about what I said and what you guys can do to actually make this place a better place to be.
Posted on May 16th, 2011 at 12:19pm


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