The GSB Crisis

One, "You guys never take anything seriously."
This whole "oh you'll get over it" mentality is nonexistent on gsb, I for one, have never said anything to this effect to ANYONE. I don't care who you are, I will never belittle your problems, I will NEVER push them aside, no matter how minute they could be. We're all sensitive people; sure some of us put up this dickbag front, but in all honesty? We're all sensitive people. There's a time to take things seriously, and we all know that time. We know it well, and we take advantage of that time when needed. Not once have I seen someone's problems go ignored. There's always a handful of people with a helpful "PM me to talk." Sometimes that's all we can do, is talk, and if we can do that? By god we will. I've had my share of issues, that i've shared with the lot of gsb, and when i'm seriously having issues? No one ever makes a joke. There's no difference between irl friends and the gsbians, because to some of us, the gsbians are our only friends.

Two, "You're thirteen."
I have no room to talk on this subject, because I do believe i'm one of the younger. I just turned sixteen about two weeks ago, but i've been mature for my ages. If you act like you're five, that's how we'll treat you. It's fair to be treated the way you act. It's the same premise as treating one with the same respect given. The age you present to us is the same age we'll retaliate with. Calling us heartless bitches is so inaccurate it kind of makes me want to kill myself, this group of people are some of the most heart-felt caring people i've met in my life, and I know so many people that would agree. If you could see past the facade that we put up.

Three, "Trolling."
Trolling is funny to us, it might not be to you, but that's because of a difference in sense of humor. Just like we might not like the same bands, or the same books, it's the same in humor. Learn to accept it; "try keeping an open mind for once."

Four, "Commenting"
If something doesn't pique our interests, we're obviously not going to comment. In real life, if someone is discussing something you're not interested in- do you butt in? Most likely, no. It's logic. I don't comment on some of lily's blahs because i don't give a shit about some of her canadian rambling. I don't comment on some of Shauna's blahs because I don't have any more feelings on her sheep shagging. Just like how they don't comment on my blahs because there's only so much MCR talk that they can take. If we don't want to comment, it's because it's uninteresting, not because we're ignoring you. Try posting another blah, maybe then we'll care about it or whatever.

Five, "Moderators."
I don't know if you've picked up on it, but my campaign is a total joke. We all know that we're not getting anything, but sometimes we keep a glimmer of hope that maybe a light from the heavens will shine upon (stephanie) to save the world (GSB). I kid, and I digress- Besides, if anyone deserves to be mod, I do believe it would be me. I obviously care the most.

Six, "Debating."
Yep, I really don't care enough to retaliate this, whoops.

Seven. "Relationships."
I'm just going to quote what I said earlier on this subject:
"get the hell out of it" if you're in a bad relationship. you claim it's an easy fix but honestly? it's nowhere near that easy. don't talk about a situation you don't know. sometimes it's physically IMPOSSIBLE to get out of an abusive relationship by "just leaving" without losing your life or getting seriously harmed. i know from experience how this goes, and it's not a simple matter of just walking away. you can't do that sometimes. so like i said, don't talk about things you know nothing abut. it's an emotional battle to wake up every day and remember that you're in a shitty ass relationship and yet you can't do a goddamned thing to get away from it. it's an emotional battle to live with yourself knowing that you led yourself into something like that.

it's not something you can just walk away from.

Eight, "Self-Esteem"
We're teenagers, we all have days where it's a battle to look in the mirror and come to terms with our wonky faces, and bigger than should be stomachs, and horrendous man-legs. That's normal. Compliments can't help it. Self Esteem is something that comes from within, and compliments can't do a damn thing to help that. It's an emotional battle that if you have a problem with it, you're just going to have to get over.

Nine, "Liveliness"
Who gives a shit, post what you want. If it dies, it dies. It'll come back to life at some point.

Ten, "Green Day."
We've moved on to bigger and better things, but speaking for myself? Green Day will hold a special place in my heart- because without them i wouldn't have met some of the most badass kids around. I may not iike them, but i like the doors they opened for me.

These are just my thoughts on GSB right now. Take them as you will, but whatever. If there's one thing I would like everyone to take from this, is that we're all compassionate humans, and if you can't see that? Then I don't know what to tell you.
Posted on May 17th, 2011 at 01:17am


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