How would you feel?

My friend is sometimes in "love" as she calls it. She makes everything sound like a fairytale. She believes that love comes to you on a white horse with prince charming on it. She writes love notes and of course she "purposely" gets herself trapped in an embarressing moment. She's a bit too immature for her age, and yeah yeah, she may just be pretty young but!! she should know better. Sometimes i get really mad at her for making love sound so easy, but she has a horrible love life...anyways she's too young! Sure a crush or too..Maybe she might get asked out to the dance..I don't care bout that but she wants a bf! Im sorry but GOD she's not even allowed to date...sometimes its okay to ignore the rules BUT she has no clue about how to react to "love". HOw would you feel if she was your friend?
Posted on March 25th, 2007 at 05:06pm


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