I am half black. There, I've said it. When people find out i like Green Day, they get all suprised. They treat me all weird, they wonder why I have a crush on someone that's not my skin color, they wonder why I like rock music and not rap, they wonder why I dress the way I dress. No matter what I do, I can never get any respect from any race, black white, asian... anyone.

I have had rocks thrown at me before, just because I was hanging out with a whole bunch of white people. I get called names sometimes, and I can't go anywhere without hearing some lame ass racist joke. The jokes don't bother me so much, but what bothers me is when the person that told the joke looks at me and says "Sorry."
I know what you're thinking So? They said sorry. Yeah, but the thing is, they shouldn't be telling he joke in the first place, not because I would find it offensive, but because others would.

And it's the same for all races, why can't everybody just get along and not judge because of someones race?

I know you probably don't agree with me, this is just a rant anyway. But I want you to think, and think hard. How many times have you said something offensive to someones race? Most of us have done it. How many times have you been discriminated against because of your race? Because I know most of us have.

I know alot of you have probably lost interest in this blog, but if you haven't then please do me a big favour... and think.
Posted on January 17th, 2007 at 08:25pm


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