Life, Love and Regret.

Life. Love. And Regret.

Is that really the three words to describe every emotion? It’s either happiness, anger or sorrow from one of them, and the fact that one of those three is the reason you did whatever you did as well.

No matter what option you come up with – its fueled by one of them.

Have any of you really, truly, experienced life? Or love? And extreme regret that will stay with you until you end up in ashes or a coffin? Well? Have you?

We all may think we have, but I don’t think any of us truly ever will.

Maybe regret that someone died because of an accident you were involved in. it may have no necessary been your fault but that little voice at the back of your mind will haunt you for the rest of your days.

Love where you think you’d die for that person. Or truly make yourself believe that if that person left you, you wouldn’t be able to carry on. But in all honestly you know you wouldn’t take your life to savour theirs, it’s a nice dream to have though.

And life where you feel you’ve made an impact on society. Enough to make you remembered. To do your part to make up for your time on planet Earth for however short it may have been.

We all make and choose our own decisions. You can’t blame someone else forever.

“Why are you typing this all up?” you might be asking yourself… well. I don’t know. Maybe I’m coming to terms with the fact the world isn’t a beautiful place as your parents have lead you to believe.

And realized that every single person you care about is going to leave before or after you. And that they might not hold you as highly as you hold them in their heart and head.

This world's an ugly place, But you're so beautiful to me.
Posted on April 6th, 2007 at 06:02am


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